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Amlensky manip’ed by TJstill


amlensky – marriage counseling pt 1

I’d love to see a castration version of this. It would have to be a major redraw though, not a simple manip.


Percival cartoon manip’ed by TJstill

Thanks, TJ!



Taking the pup out after his neutering.

He’s a much better house husband since she had him castrated.


CartoonStock castrated house husband cartoon

I’ve posted this before but I’m very fond of the idea and wish there was more art available on the theme. But I’m too cheap and lazy to commission it.

Also, I don’t like the caption. It sounds like she cut his balls off in the kitchen with a paring knife. It should read, “since I had his testicles removed.”

CartoonStock will sell me a non-watermarked version of this for $12, apparently.

“He’s become very domesticated since I cut off his testicles.”


story text

“Delivery – Prequel” by ADMIN

Castration request form:

“My husband is:

* Lazy
* Disobedient
* Disagreeable
* A masturbator”

Emily Driver checked off the above four items and then smiled to herself as she checked the box that asked if she wanted to have her husband’s testicles preserved in a specimen jar.

A few weeks later at the clinic:

“Hi, I’m Emily Driver. I have a three o’clock appointment to have my husband castrated.”

“Yes, please have a seat,” replies the receptionist.

When her name is called she brings her husband up to the front desk. She says to him, “Now be good boy and do what the nice ladies tell you.”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Jones, we’ll take good care of him”, says, Claire, the prep nurse with a smile.

She returns to her seat and waits anxiously for the expected delivery.

Prep nurse Claire:

“There’s no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed Mr. Driver. Lots of women bring their husbands in to be snipped. Don’t worry, Dr. Beth is very good at helping men become better husbands.”

He’s lying on the special-purpose castration table.

“I love shaving a man’s scrotum. Especially when it’s nice and plump like yours.”

As she’s shaving him she daydreams about the following:

Nurse Claire lies in bed and tells her husband about her job while caressing and squeezing his scrotum. She likes to shave a man’s scrotum and think about what’s going to be done to him. She tells her husband that someday he’ll be on her table with his legs spread so she can shave him.

She thinks, “It’s so cute and funny how men are worried and frightened about being snipped.”

Claire, returning to the present:

She leaves to tell the doctor the patient is now ready.

“He’s all ready, doctor. His scrotum is shaved. He’s got a nice plump one.”

Coming back in she says, “Now spread you legs nice and wide for the doctor so she can have full access.”

story text

“Delivery” by ADMIN

Emily Driver sat anxiously in the clinic waiting room. Her husband, Bill, was in an examination room.

Bill was naked, lying on his back on an examination table, his heels were in stirrups amd his legs were raised up and splayed apart, leaving his genitals totally exposed and easily accessible.

Dr. Beth and her young assistant, Julie, were both naked as well except for their surgical booties and latex gloves. Dr. Beth was an attractive woman in her thirties with a nicely fleshy figure. Julie was a sweet, nubile teen. Julie stood to one side of Bill and Dr. Beth stood directly between his legs.

Julie was just finishing shaving Bill’s pubes while Dr. Beth watched approvingly. Bill’s penis was very erect and straining for attention.

After Julie finished the shaving, Dr. Beth instructed her to start milking him. “I like to milk my patients. I find it relaxes them and makes them more… receptive.” Julie’s fingers curled around Bill’s erection and started stroking. “Usually I milk patients myself but I wanted to give Julie some experience. I hope you don’t mind if she’s a little awkward since your erection is the first one she’s ever seen or touched.” Bill groaned with arousal and Dr. Beth chuckled.

“Your wife is in the waiting room, anxious for the outcome of this procedure so I’m going to go over it with you while you’re being milked.”

Dr. Beth bent forward and cupped Bill’s scrotum with one hand and began to caress it as she spoke. “After Julie finishes milking your semen I’m going to numb you up with some anesthetic. Then I’m going to gently open your scrotum, or manhood pouch as I like to call it, and remove your family jewels, your manhood.” She smiled warmly down on him.

This made Bill groan and shudder and start spurting thickly. He thrust his hips up, pushing his tight scrotum into Dr. Beth’s hand, moaning and gasping, “Oh yes, yes, oh oh, please, oh oh, yes, please!”

Dr. Beth and Julie laughed lightly as Bill continued his helpless orgasmic display.

After Bill finished spurting Dr. Beth picked up a hypo full of anesthetic. “After I take your manhood it will be placed in a small jar of preservative that Julie will go and deliver to your wife.” Bill whimpered and squirmed. A few minutes later it was all over and Dr. Beth started sewing Bill’s scrotum back up.

Julie came out into the waiting room with a big smile and handed the jar to Mrs. Driver. “Here are Bill’s testicles, Mrs. Driver. He’s all nice and castrated.” Emily smiled and thanked her.

Dr. Beth came out a few minutes later to talk to Mrs. Driver. “How is he?” asked Mrs. Driver.

“He’s doing fine, he’s resting quietly now,” said Dr. Beth. “It went very well. He was very cooperative and gave me complete access.” Mrs. Driver was very grateful and thanked her.

After Bill had rested he was able to put his clothes back on and come out to join his wife. She gave him a little kiss and led him out to their car.

As Mrs. Driver drove she glanced over at her husband sitting quietly beside her. She smiled to herself, thinking of the small jar in her purse and what it contained. She also thought of the small but important change that had been made to her husband down in between his legs. She looked forward to sharing her husband’s change of status with her friends.

One evening, a few weeks later, Mrs. Driver invited over a few of her closest girl friends. After they had had a couple drinks she told her husband to go and fetch the jar from their bedroom. He meekly obeyed. She told him to go around to each of her friends and show the jar to them.

The first one he showed it to was Millie. “What do you have there, Bill?” asked Millie coyly. “What are those two round things floating in that jar?”

“It’s, it’s, my, my manhood!” stammered Bill.

“Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Millie. “Your manhood? You mean you lost your manhood?”

“Um, oh, yes,” whimpered Bill while the ladies laughed.

“Oh my goodness!’ exclaimed Millie again.” I never met a man who lost his manhood. How did it happen?”

“Oh! Oh! Emily, Emily took me to, to a special lady doctor. Oh! Um, um oh!” Bill said, emotionally.

All the ladies were quietly listening. “And what did the lady doctor do, Bill?” asked Millie quietly.

“Oh! Oh! She, she, she castrated me!!” exclaimed Bill, almost on the verge of tears. The women laughed.

“You mean,” said Millie archly, “your wife took you to be fixed like a naughty little doggy??”

Bill just gasped and whined while the ladies laughed.

story text

“Howie Learns His Place” by ADMIN

Andrea: I’m tired of your disobedience and misbehavior, Howie. I think it’s time you got some real help with learning your place in our marriage. I have a good friend who is a doctor and she knows the perfect treatment for your kind of problems. I’ve already spoken to her and made an appointment.

Howie: What’s she going to do to me?

Andrea: Don’t worry about it. She’ll explain it when we get there.

Later, at the doctor’s office.

Dr. Laurie: I’m glad to meet you, Howie. I’ve heard a lot about you. Andrea tells me you’ve been having some behavior problems at home related to your wife’s leadership in your marriage. Don’t worry, after today you’ll find things a lot easier.

What I’m going to do today is a very simple procedure. We’ll have you in and out in a jiff. So, let’s get started. Howie, take off your pants and underpants and hop up onto my exam table. Andrea will sit next to you and hold your hand to comfort you will I’m working.

Howie begins to do as he’s told and then asks, “Uh, what, what is it,” he stammers, “what are you going…”

Dr. Laurie cuts him off, “It’s only a minor adjustment to your little sex glands. It’s similar to a vasectomy”. Then she gives his naked bottom a sharp but playful swat, “Come on, hop up onto the table!”

Once on the table, Dr. Laurie tells him to spread his legs nice and wide. Then she instructs her assistant, Maryann, to shave his private area to get him ready.

Dr. Laurie: “I do this procedure all the time. It’s my specialty and I love my work. It’s becoming quite common. More and more women are having it done these days. You’re the fourth one today.

Maryann finishes prepping Howie.

Dr. Laurie: I just love the sight of a pink, pouting scrotum! Ready for me to open it! Now, you’ll feel a little prick while I get you numbed up with an injection.

A few minutes later.

Dr. Laurie: OK, looks like you’re ready. I’m going to begin getting you opened up.

A few minutes later, Dr. Laurie asks Maryann for her surgical scissors and says, “Here’s the first little snip”, and then she hands something to Maryann. After a few minutes more she says, “OK, and here’s the second snip”, and then hands something to Maryann.

Dr. Laurie to Maryann: “Put those in a jar, his wife wants to keep them for display”.

Dr. Laurie to Howie: “OK, Howie, we’re all done. I’m just going to close you up with a few stitches and put some bandages on and you’ll be good to go. Also, I’ll be giving you some pain killer pills for when the anesthetic wears off.”

Howie, somewhat shaken: “What, what’s the name of the procedure, what do you call it?”

Dr. Laurie: “The medical term for it is orchiectomy but the more common word is castration. You are now castrated, Howie”.

Dr. Laurie to Andrea: “I think you’ll find that Howie will be much better behaved from now on. I’m sure that now he has really learned his place”.

story text

“They All Laughed” by ADMIN

[Note: This contains a lot of the same material as the story, “Only Sissies Masturbate”, included in my eBook.]

Whenever she had female friends over to visit my wife made me wait on them. One day, while I was getting some things ready in the kitchen I overheard her talking to her friends.

“What do you think of hubby? Isn’t he coming along nicely?” said my wife.

“Oh yes, what a nice big bottom!” said one of her friends and they all laughed.

My wife said, “Thanks. It was really pretty easy. The first step was to train him to take care of his own sex needs. I could tell when I met him he was a sissy that masturbated a lot. So when I caught him jerking off it was a simple matter to make him do it all the time.” They all laughed.

“You’re right!” added one of her friends. “I trained all my boyfriends to do that. Men are such little boys, they love showing off for mommy!” They all laughed.

“Oh, I know,” said another woman. “I love making a guy perform, especially when he’s saved up a nice big load. It’s such fun watching him milk it! It makes him so embarrassed!” They all laughed.

I entered the room with a tray of drinks and snacks.

“Oh, hi dear,” said my wife, “I was just telling everybody how much you like jerking off!” I blushed and stammered and they all laughed. Then she turned to one of her friends and said, “Oh, and Bernice, thanks for lending me that issue of “Sissy Care”, it gave me great ideas for transforming hubby. I’m going to subscribe.”

“Oh, no problem,” said Bernice, “I use it with my hubby too. But I have to admit some of the ideas are a little extreme. Like having sex with another man while hubby watches. Or making hubby service another man. It is kind of exciting but, gee, I don’t know.”

“Oh yeah, and how about the idea of ‘fixing’ his little masturbation problem,” snickered my wife mimicking scissor snips with her index and middle finger, “like a naughty little doggy.” The women gasped with shock and started tittering.

“Don’t laugh,” said Audrey, “I know a woman who had her husband ‘fixed’ and she’s quite happy with the results.” There was a mixed reaction of shock, amusement and curiosity.

My wife noticed the big bulge in my shorts and ordered me to expose myself to each of her friends. Each one took advantage and touched and squeezed and stroked me. It was intensely humiliating to have my most private and sensitive flesh handled and toyed with in such a casual and familiar way. My wife warned me: ‘no accidents’, but as the 5th woman squeezed and caressed me I lost it and cried, “No, please mommy! Oh! Oh!” and started spurting. It was so devastating to have my most private sex function displayed so terribly openly and exposed. They all watched and giggled.

As I was cleaning up the gooey mess my wife warned darkly that my little bottom hole was really going to be sorry tonight. I whimpered and they all laughed. Then she laughed and announced, “Don’t worry, my little sissy actually loves being penetrated, isn’t that right, honey?” I blushed and hung my head and they all laughed.

My wife peeled off her panties, leaned back on the sofa where she sat and spread her legs, baring her hairy, wet pussy. She ordered me to get down on my hands and knees and lick her while she continued talking to her friends.

With my cheeks burning with shame and humiliation I did as I was told. She turned to one of her friends and said, “Audrey, what were you saying about the woman that had her husband castrated?”

“Oh yes,” said Audrey, “she’s my neighbor. I was over visiting and somehow the subject came up. When she saw how interested I was she had her husband drop his pants so I could see what it looked like. His peepee was small and childish and there was nothing underneath except two small scars.”

“You’re lucky!” said my wife, “I’ve never known a man that’s been castrated.”

“Oh, it’s more common than you think,” said Bernice. “More and more women are choosing it. I’ve even discussed it with Arnold.”

“Excuse me,” my wife said as she leaned back and let my fluttering tongue bring her to a noisy orgasm. “Ummmm, that was nice,” said my wife. “Is there anyone else interested in receiving some oral pleasure?”

Several of the women were quite eager to take advantage of the offer. They all laughed as I crawled across the floor on all fours to Bernice, my face slick and glistening with my wife’s juices. My cock was throbbing and dribbling inside my shorts but I didn’t dare ask for relief. As I started to lick her pussy Bernice said, “Ummmm, that’s good, but ya know, once you have him castrated he’ll be even better at it.” I whimpered and they all laughed.