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Attis – Burdizzo

cartoon manip

TJstill – 5 cartoon manips

of course its not his – biology lesson

better take care of this – easily done with that tool. then he can concentrate on them better

balless butler – but gets to play

her pleasure is dominance

you know why you are here, lay down


TJstill – 14 cartoon manips

sex for the eunuch – it’s how she always wanted it

clack clack guess what – and she can have easy access in this position

so how you going to make up for what’s missing – she has found his inabilities most frustrating so he is going to have to give her some relief

she loves it – the more he wants to have what he cannot get the more she loves it

not started yet – and he will not get any bigger because she had his balls off

does it frustrate you – before his balls were removed he would have been hard and tapping at her lips with his cock

mutual pleasure – as a follow on from the last pic this is their sex act together now….lots of tongue work

high stakes – two couples playing high stakes game. One couple has only suffered the loss of her knickers meanwhile the male of the other couple is strapped down and had one ball injected so he is having some damage

eunuch lust – it turns her on

She promised it would not need to go back on – but didn’t really explain why

no way back sweety

not bad for no balls

so much better for her

not one of the boys – no…. he is a eunuch the rest have balls but it will look pretty when they have finished

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BeggingVictim61 – cut off

manip photo

TJstill – undo your side he is done

“time to unclamp and admire the new eunuch”

cartoon manip

TJstill – let’s make him a real lady



His twitter. Although I got these particular images on a Rule34 site.

Of course the burdizzo is mis-applied here. It is a crushing tool, not a cutting tool.


captions manip photo

calamusimagery – fun in the shed

Here’s his DA gallery.

captions cartoon

maledom captions

I think the first one may be a TJstill one. The second one is a captioned version of an image by Rob Clarke, an excellent gay-erotica artist, and a fan of some of my more dominant fantasy stories.


Castration video still

This is just a simulation, of course. It comes from a Cilps4sale video that I have not seen. I love the sweet, wholesome lady on the left with the big tits. I like to think they are real tits. If anyone has seen the video let me know if it is any good. Also saw a preview of a (simulated) castration video on Pornhub made by BonniBGood. Looked promising. It was called “Tricked into a castration clinic”.