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“Who Wears the Pants” by Aunt Cassie

She and her husband had had another protracted and, in her opinion, silly argument. On the following day she told him that she had made an appointment with a doctor that would help him with his problem learning who wore the pants in the family. She told him that the doctor specified that he shave his scrotum thoroughly in preparation.

On the day of the appointment the wife checked that he had shaved his scrotum as required before driving him to the appointment.

The wife sat in the exam room as the lady doctor talked to the husband. The doctor instructed him to remove his lower garments and climb into her exam table.

“I love it when males present their neatly shaved scrotums to me,” declared the doctor with a broad smile.

Then, to the husband the doctor said, “Now I’m going to give you some local anesthetic to get you ready for what happens next. And I’m sure you’ve guessed by now what that is going to entail. I’ve discussed it with your wife and we both agree this is the best thing for you.”

A short while later the doctor was sewing up his now empty scrotum.
“You’ll be a little sore for the next two weeks,” the doctor told him. “And you will also find that your penis will no longer be working as it used to.” The wife couldn’t repress a snicker.

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The “You Bet Your Balls!” game show

Cash prizes versus testicle pain and end of participation.
Jackpot versus televised castration.
Hostess is a hottie in pasties and a G-string.

I’ve seen a wheel-of-fortune type thing for chastity and punishment but here I’m envisioning a show with real challenges at each stage. I suppose the challenges should all have a sexual theme.

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“Eunuchoid” by Aunt Cassie

I have always had a keen interest in eunuchs so when I saw a new book had been published about them I bought it. Not long after I finish reading it I see a notice about an upcoming event at a bookstore that features the author. On the day of the event I find that the author is an attractive middle-aged woman. There are around 30 people that have come to the event.

The author starts by saying there’s been a recent surge of interest in eunuchs in popular culture. She gives an overview of the history of eunuchs in civilization. She covers the most common reasons for castration in modern society which are, of course, the medically necessary ones. After that, the most common reasons are the ones done for transgender people. Then she covers a few of the rare instances such as ones committed by sadists and those resulting from fetish scenes gone wrong. She ends by discussing the new phenomenon of eunuchoids, men that have a real need to transition to a neutered gender.

The author goes on to tell us that eunuchs are more common than we think, they walk among us every day. She asks for a show of hands of any eunuchs in the audience and three people raise their hands. She says that’s about average for her audiences and adds that there are probably one or two more that are too shy. Then she asks for a show of hands of any that are either pre- or post-op eunuchoid. No one raises their hand. She says that there has never been anyone at one of her talks bold enough to admit they are eununchoid because it’s still not accepted in our society.

During Q&A someone asks her what her own interest in the subject is. She says that she grew up on a farm where castration of farm animals was the norm. She loved helping out with the castrations, especially when carried out on an adult animal. She loved seeing the resulting change in the animal’s personality and behavior. But it had never occurred to her that men could be castrated until she left the farm to go to college whereupon she became fascinated with the idea. She began to try to think of a ways she might be able to meet a real eunuch in person.

At the end of her talk she reaches into her purse and takes out a small specimen jar and holds it up high for all to see and says that it contains a pair of testicles given her as a gift by a eunuch she encountered while researching her book. This provokes some titters from the audience. She says she much prefers the company of eunuchs and has made quite a few eunuch friends.

I blush and squirm at certain points that I find exciting and an attractive young blonde sitting next to me notices. When it’s time to leave she leans over and begins talking to me. She tells me her name is Nancy and the reason she came to this talk is because she’s a plastic surgeon specializing in eunuchoid cases. Then she looks at me and smiles and asks if I think I might be eunuchoid. When I am too flustered to answer she gives me a strange dark leer that makes me feel like she is seeing me as prey which makes me shiver.

She tells me she doesn’t have anything going on for the rest of the day and invites me to come along to her clinic to learn more. She takes me by the hand and leads me to her car. Everything is happening so fast it takes my breath away and makes my head spin. In the car she calls her assistant, Rebecca, on her mobile phone to tell her she’s on her way back to the clinic and bringing a new patient. She then tells me she’s very much looking forward to helping me resolve my eunuchoid needs. She also mentions that after she finishes a patient’s treatment she usually finds places for them with her lady friends as live-in housekeepers.

I feel electrified as I ride in the car. I’ve never felt so alive. I’m filled with feelings of elation mixed with dread.

As we enter the clinic Nancy calls out to her assistant who is there to greet us, “This nice man wants us to help him become a eunuch!”

“Well, he’s come to the right place!” Rebecca replies.

“That’s right, isn’t it?” Nancy says to me. I stutter and manage to mumble an affirmative. “That’s a good boy. Now be a good little boy and slip off your pants so we can get started.”

“What? Right now?” I ask.

“Yes, when you leave here today you will be a eunuch!” she declares.

I gulp and do as she says. Soon I am up on her table with my feet in the stirrups being prepped for surgery.

“You’re taking this so well,” she says, “some men in your position start to get squeamish and balk when they realize what I’m going to do to them. But you’re opening yourself so fully! I think you’re really going to like the results.”

As Nancy starts working on me she says, “We love making men into eunuchs, don’t we, Rebecca?”

“We sure do!” Rebecca exclaims with a giggle.

Nancy continues to hover over my genitals like a luminous angel. I’m in seventh heaven as I surrender myself. As she snips my manhood I moan, “Oh, mommy, mommy! Yes!” Which makes the ladies chuckle.

Instead of placing me with one of her friends Nancy decides to keep me for herself as a housekeeper. I ask her what happened to her previous housekeeper but she just shrugs. I feel humiliated when she makes me dress in a frilly, skimpy maid’s uniform.

She likes to show me off to her lady friends when they come over. She likes to show them my altered genitals. I find this very humiliating but I’m powerless to resist. Her friends always ask about how I took the snip. Nancy tells them I was actually quite eager which was refreshing since many are so shy and need guidance and coaxing. She has even had to resort to trickery and deception in a few cases. But they are always very grateful afterwards.

I am surprised one day when the woman who wrote the book on eunuchs shows up to visit Nancy. The author talks about the new boy she’s been dominating and says she thinks it’s about time she brought him over to see Nancy at the clinic. I later learn that her ‘boy’ is actually 35. I meet him in person a month later after he’s been castrated.

Nancy likes to host a special get-together once a year for her lady friends and ex-patients. She just adores being in a room full of men that no longer have testicles. On these occasions she even posts a sign at the front door saying, “NO TESTICLES ALLOWED!”, which always brings wry smiles and giggles from her guests.

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Saving For His Orchi

[ This is inspired by “A Female Dominated Household” by David P. ]

A dominant wife and a lady GP discuss her sissy husband’s chronic peenie pulling while he sits and listens quietly. The husband is already taking testosterone suppression medication but it’s not enough. The lady GP recommends eliminating the source of the testosterone, the testicles, via an elective bilateral orchiectomy, or orchi for short. The major drawback is that elective procedures are not covered by health insurance. The wife asks the GP how much an orchi would cost. The GP gives her a ballpark figure and the wife resolves to save for it. The GP gives her a referral for a clinic to perfrom the procedure.

Later, at home, the wife tells the husband to enjoy his peenie pulling because he won’t be able to after his orchi.

The wife adopts economizing measures to help in saving for the orchi. She also obtains promises of generous loans from her lady friends to help pay for the orchi. The wife also looks into payment plan options at the clinic the GP has designated.

Finally she has saved enough to pay for the orchi and she tells her husband that the following day is the day of his appointment. A week later he has mostly recovered and a month later he has healed enough for the wife to show off his empty scrotum to her lady friends when they visit and who are all eager to see it.


Comment rules

Here’s a first pass at making a list of rules.
The thing to bear in mind is that this is a FANTASY site dedicated to the sexual arousal of men with a femdom castration fetish. Try and imagine how your comment would effect someone who is looking to be aroused in this way.

Item #1: NO CONTACT INFO!!! Jeezus! This is not a meet-up site.
Item #2: No real-life medical experiences.
Item #3: No anguished pleas to be castrated.
Item #4: No “Me too!” comments.
Item #5: No empty parroting of content.

This still leaves room for a range of expression from neutral things like approval or gratitude to info/contributions of new material to erotic extensions to the content. I’ve approved almost two thousand comments so far so I’ve been very tolerant and accepting. I basically run this blog as a public service and I want visitors to have a good time.

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Story stuff

Prime ingredients to spice up a story: guilt, shame, humiliation, punishment, coercion, trickery and betrayal of trust.

Below is a fantasy I thought of the other day. The lady surgeon and assistant are the same as the real ones I saw a year or so ago for a cyst removal.

I’m strapped down tight to the operating table. I’m naked from the waist down. My legs are spread wide and my knees are pulled up toward my chest. My pubes are shaved and my penis is taped back onto my abdomen. I feel a light breeze blowing on my scrotum.

I feel terribly exposed and vulnerable. I don’t know how I got into this situation. I am terrified and also aroused at the same time.

The young lady assistant who got me ready leans over and slyly whispers in my ear that Doctor X loves orchiectomies. It is her favorite procedure.

I hear the operating room door open. The assistant announces: “The patient is ready for orchiectomy!”

The surgeon calmly approaches, savoring the sight of my tight, pink, wrinkled scrotum, hers to do with as she pleases.

I whimper and softly beg, “Please, please, don’t… don’t do this.”

There is a long moment of silence. Then I feel the pinch of the anesthetic needle.

“They always say that,” the lady surgeon quietly says. Her assistant chuckles.

“He’ll make a sweet little neutered puppy.”

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“Hey there, lonely boy” by Aunt Cassie

Kaylee is a hot babe in her 30s who likes to drop by the library occasionally on the lookout for virgin sissies.

A typical encounter is when she spots a shy young man at the library looking a little sad and lonely. Let’s call him Sam. She knows instinctively that he is a virgin sissy. She approaches him and says, “Hey there, lonely boy”.

He immediately brightens. He can’t believe his luck. But he also kind of expects it. He’s a momma’s boy that expects to have everything in life handed to him on a platter. But Sam has no idea what she has planned for him.

Kaylee plans to start him on a special program of guidance. She will take over his life and transform him into a ‘femboi under all’. He will become a passive receiver and satisfier of other people’s lust, especially the lusts of men. She knows this has always been his true destiny.

The final step is to ensure Sam remains a sweet, innocent little virgin forever. Kaylee knows it is imperative that his precious penile virginity must be protected and preserved permanently. He must never be allowed to penetrate a woman and play the role of a man. There is only one surefire way to guarantee this: a simple body modification.

To prepare him for the final step Kaylee introduces Sam to a small gathering of virgin sissies that Kaylee has successfully guided through the complete program. They are all soft, sweet, happy people. Sam likes them and feels a strong kinship immediately. They show Sam how they have been modified. Their balls and ball sacs have been removed and their penises are limp and have shrunk to a small size. They will never be able to penetrate a woman. Sam agrees to undergo the surgery.

Kaylee is delighted. She loves emasculating little sissy virgins.


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Aunt Cassie’s cock 23 years ago

Looks bigger than it is because I had just cum and was grabbing it way down low. My balls are way up tight too, so it looks like I don’t have any. Hope people aren’t too offended by my narcissism.


Two new reviews of my eBook

In the first one, the reviewer gave me five stars and his summary/title line is, “Nuts About This Subject”:

“Lots of good stories about castration. If this is your fetish, this collection should satisfy your appetite. If there’s a second volume, the author might include more family members watching. Sort of like a reunion, with nude males having gone through it, and females participating. And maybe a story about it happening at work, with female boss and coworkers watching. Overall, I found the stories to be varied enough to hold my interest.”

These two story ideas are OK but I can’t get motivated to do them.

The second reviewer gave me two stars and his summary/title is, “Disappointed”:

“Great title but that’s as far as it went. Lots and lots of build up then lots of ‘three dots’.”

It’s true, I don’t tend to dwell on the gross surgical mechanics of a castration. It’s the situation, the context that I find most erotic. I don’t really plan to change that in my writing.

One of the hottest castrations I’ve ever read is the long surgical castration scene at the climax of “Neutered by the Vet” by Martha Z. Kleine and available on Amazon. I still jerk off to it from time to time. But it’s the interaction between the participants that’s hot and not so much the actual cutting and suturing and snipping.