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Femdom castration fetish prep

Private Patient.

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Surgical orchiectomy video

With female narration.

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Eunuch videos on PornHub by Mistress Thorpe

Here. I have to wonder what the skanky whore thinks of all her precious “content” being so freely available. Maybe she’s like to leave a bunch of demented enraged comments on my blog telling me I’m not entitled to an opinion about her divine self.

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3D animated video clip

Ten-second 3D animated castration video clip.

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Pegging a eunuch

Got off on this old GIF today. Found it on Cait B’s BDSMLR blog back in March of 2021.

OK, I found Cait B’s comment: “Castrate getting strap-on fucked by a mature woman with a knotted ejaculating dildo. She’s very gentle about getting the knot in.”

I wonder if Cait knew something about the origin of this GIF.

I found a 20-minute video for this. No sound. At then end, the eunuch seems quite proud of his gaping anus.

The real story probably can’t match my imagination.

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Summer of 85

Getting him ready for castration.

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Famous surgical castration video


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Pre-castration handjob videos

I found the video that I mentioned in the previous post, available for free. It’s disappointing because you can’t hear what the girls are saying, the audio is low and they put on masks and they just mumble. Anyway, here’s the link.

Found another with the same scenario which is better. The girl is cuter, you can hear what she says and she lets her gown fall down and you can see her sweet tits. The ‘patient’ doesn’t cum much, though. You’d think he would save it up for the video. Anyway, here’s the link.

Here is another. And another.

I’ll have to trawl for more. I’m not that into videos, they usually suck.

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German testicular cancer GIF and video with translation

My dear friend, CircesVictim, of DeviantArt has very generously provided us with an English translation of this erotic video:

“Hello girls, today I would like to talk to you about an important Easter topic. About Eggs. More specifically, about testicular cancer. Many are already talking about it. But let’s be honest. We women have it in our hands. Let’s mix the important with the good this Easter. We girls go on an egg hunt. He is happy that we play with him and we are happy that he is healthy.
And so it goes!
This one needs to take a nice, warm shower. Not because it stinks, but so that the scrotum is nice and relaxed. Like this one. Now you can first look with your palms to see if they hang nicely. On the back you can feel the soft tissue of the epididymis. That’s the way it be. Then you can examine each egg individually. Hold the egg tightly with your index and middle fingers and gently stroke it with your thumb. Hmmm, he likes that! Pay attention to hardening, swelling, pain or a feeling of heaviness. Sometimes the nipples also hurt or even swell. If you find something, it doesn’t have to mean anything bad. But still take it seriously and definitely consult a urologist. And share this video diligently, because with one million views we will donate 10,000 euros. Do your men a favor and “Grab them by their balls!”. I wish you a happy Easter and above all a happy egg hunt!”

And here’s an uncensored GIF taken from the video:

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“Castration of a Man at Home” video

Performed by another man, I believe. It’s bizarre that he has a strong erection during the procedure. It also doesn’t show both balls. And I suspect the cutter is not a medically qualified professional, which is not something I approve of or endorse.

Here’s the link.