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Saving For His Orchi

[ This is inspired by “A Female Dominated Household” by David P. ]

A dominant wife and a lady GP discuss her sissy husband’s chronic peenie pulling while he sits and listens quietly. The husband is already taking testosterone suppression medication but it’s not enough. The lady GP recommends eliminating the source of the testosterone, the testicles, via an elective bilateral orchiectomy, or orchi for short. The major drawback is that elective procedures are not covered by health insurance. The wife asks the GP how much an orchi would cost. The GP gives her a ballpark figure and the wife resolves to save for it. The GP gives her a referral for a clinic to perfrom the procedure.

Later, at home, the wife tells the husband to enjoy his peenie pulling because he won’t be able to after his orchi.

The wife adopts economizing measures to help in saving for the orchi. She also obtains promises of generous loans from her lady friends to help pay for the orchi. The wife also looks into payment plan options at the clinic the GP has designated.

Finally she has saved enough to pay for the orchi and she tells her husband that the following day is the day of his appointment. A week later he has mostly recovered and a month later he has healed enough for the wife to show off his empty scrotum to her lady friends when they visit and who are all eager to see it.

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David P – “A Female-Dominated Household” (edited excerpt)

[ Been getting mileage out of this lately. I apologize for not being able to say where to find the original story. ]

The internist who cares for my husband is a modern no-nonsense woman very much in the same mold as myself. So he has his temp taken rectally as a matter of course and is given an enema during each office visit. The nurses and assistants seem to enjoy this ridiculous charade immensely. My husband is completely used to being around women while wearing just panties and a camisole. And he’s relaxed being ordered up into the stirrups where his prostate and peenie are checked.

His doctor has let me know that over time sissy men such as my husband will come to regard their daily dildo training as their primary sexual outlet, despite the obvious discomfort that goes along with the procedure. It’s my hope that he will learn that his prostate gland is the only sexual organ that counts. And that what little he has up front is just silly and useless.

My husband is used to being asked by his doctor to tell in excruciating detail how much he masturbates and how. And this is logged on his chart. He is on a long term testosterone-suppression prescription, which his doctor and I have agreed is the best way to keep his chronic peenie pulling under at least some degree of control. Also, his doctor and I have been discussing the eventual option of an elective bilateral orchiectomy — the removal of his marble-sized balls, as a permanent solution to curtail his testosterone production. For now, it’s on the back burner because our health insurance almost certainly won’t cover elective procedures.

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anonymous_writer – “Life In The Country (Part II)” (excerpt)

[ I’ve been getting a lot of mileage from this lately. You can find more of this author’s work on ]

Timmy then entered the house to start the final portion of Madge’s charm school lessons. Of course it wasn’t a certainty that Timmy wouldn’t rebel yet again, but Madge had another card to play. There would soon be a scheduled annual physical to see doctor Judith Lovelli.

It was a complete and thorough physical. But when doctor Lovelli checked Timmy’s breasts she informed him that Madge wanted the final size fixed. Timmy was now scheduled for saline breast implants to augment his ample but only “C” cup breasts. He awoke after the procedure, his chest feeling different, larger and heavier now. He no longer would need any silicone forms, special bras or any padding now because Madge had seen to it that he was now a full size 40″DD!” But as he laid there he felt something else that was different and was shocked to learn that when the breast augmentation was performed it had been no trouble at all to perform a quick, snip-snip castration! And now, without testes he would no longer need the testosterone blocking agents and would only have to continue on with his full maintenance dosage of the female hormone estrogen. Once Madge got Timmy home to recover he seemed a bit remote and listless but a few days of a mild tranquilizer in addition to his daily estrogen dose soon had him calmed down during his recovery.

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Story stuff

Prime ingredients to spice up a story: guilt, shame, humiliation, punishment, coercion, trickery and betrayal of trust.

Below is a fantasy I thought of the other day. The lady surgeon and assistant are the same as the real ones I saw a year or so ago for a cyst removal.

I’m strapped down tight to the operating table. I’m naked from the waist down. My legs are spread wide and my knees are pulled up toward my chest. My pubes are shaved and my penis is taped back onto my abdomen. I feel a light breeze blowing on my scrotum.

I feel terribly exposed and vulnerable. I don’t know how I got into this situation. I am terrified and also aroused at the same time.

The young lady assistant who got me ready leans over and slyly whispers in my ear that Doctor X loves orchiectomies. It is her favorite procedure.

I hear the operating room door open. The assistant announces: “The patient is ready for orchiectomy!”

The surgeon calmly approaches, savoring the sight of my tight, pink, wrinkled scrotum, hers to do with as she pleases.

I whimper and softly beg, “Please, please, don’t… don’t do this.”

There is a long moment of silence. Then I feel the pinch of the anesthetic needle.

“They always say that,” the lady surgeon quietly says. Her assistant chuckles.

“He’ll make a sweet little neutered puppy.”

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“Hey there, lonely boy” by Aunt Cassie

Kaylee is a hot babe in her 30s who likes to drop by the library occasionally on the lookout for virgin sissies.

A typical encounter is when she spots a shy young man at the library looking a little sad and lonely. Let’s call him Sam. She knows instinctively that he is a virgin sissy. She approaches him and says, “Hey there, lonely boy”.

He immediately brightens. He can’t believe his luck. But he also kind of expects it. He’s a momma’s boy that expects to have everything in life handed to him on a platter. But Sam has no idea what she has planned for him.

Kaylee plans to start him on a special program of guidance. She will take over his life and transform him into a ‘femboi under all’. He will become a passive receiver and satisfier of other people’s lust, especially the lusts of men. She knows this has always been his true destiny.

The final step is to ensure Sam remains a sweet, innocent little virgin forever. Kaylee knows it is imperative that his precious penile virginity must be protected and preserved permanently. He must never be allowed to penetrate a woman and play the role of a man. There is only one surefire way to guarantee this: a simple body modification.

To prepare him for the final step Kaylee introduces Sam to a small gathering of virgin sissies that Kaylee has successfully guided through the complete program. They are all soft, sweet, happy people. Sam likes them and feels a strong kinship immediately. They show Sam how they have been modified. Their balls and ball sacs have been removed and their penises are limp and have shrunk to a small size. They will never be able to penetrate a woman. Sam agrees to undergo the surgery.

Kaylee is delighted. She loves emasculating little sissy virgins.

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“Human Dog – Puppy Play Erotica” by Maia Anne Fisher (excerpt)

Ye, he was afraid, but was also aroused. He was very aroused at Sadie’s treatment of him. He started going over the night’s events in his head, as he did he reached down to his crotch and grabbed the shaft of his penis. It was hard, so very hard he started pumping his had up and down, slowly, slowly working himself to orgasm. As he did this, he heard fast clicking coming down the hall. The kitchen door flung open and Sadie strode in scowling at him. “Stop that this instant! What do you think you are doing?”

He opened him mouth to answer, then remembered the anti-bark collar and looked up at her instead. She leaned lower to him. “Dogs do NOT masturbate; if they want to stimulate themselves sexually they lick their own genitals. Don’t try to deny it, I saw you on the hidden infra-red camera! Seeing as you clearly aren’t flexible to stimulate yourself as dogs should and you can’t resist temptation, I shall have to outfit you with a chastity device. Wait here, if I even suspect you’ve played with yourself when I return I’m going to give you a level ten shock!”


She pulled her heels back on and lead him out of the back of the house. He urinated against a tree, cocking his leg and then was led back to the kitchen. She ruffled his hair and petted him, then ushered him into his cage and locked the door. Finally she leaned forwards. “You’ve been a good dog today. Try to get some sleep. Im having the vet around tomorrow to have a look at you, I’m thinking of having you neutered, to see if it calms you down a little.”


“I’ll get you your breakfast, then I think I’ll take you for a walk before the vet comes to see about neutering you.”

George looked stunned at her, trying to convey confusion and surprise with his body language and facial expression.

“Yes, neutering you. I think you’re quite a frisky little puppy and maybe castrating you will calm you down a little? I want the vet’s opinion. Now come on, it’s time for breakfast.”

[ Sadie takes George for a walk ]

When they got back to the house there was a girl sitting on the patio waiting for them. She was sipping a glass of lemonade, wearing dark green scrubs, rather like a nurse but in vet’s colors. Sadie smiled at her. “Ah, Anita, you’re here, come to have a look at him.”

Anita rose and smiled. “Hello. And is this the fellow?”

“Yes, he’s quite a good dog, but he can be a bit frisky. I caught him trying to play with himself the other night, that’s why he’s in a chastity device.”

“Hmmm, well, let’s just take a look at him. Hold him still.”

George shuddered as Sadie gripped his collar tightly and he heard the snap of latex gloves behind him. She started by shining a small flashlight in his eyes, when she reached toward his mouth he held his mouth shut instinctively, but Sadie scolded him. “Be a good dog for the vet, let her examine you.”

Submissively he opened his mouth and allowed her to feel inside and shine her flashlight in, inspecting him. Her hands felt his abdomen and legs and arms, then her latex gloved hands slid beneath his butt-plug tail and gripped his testicles, making him jump.

“Hmmm, these are sensitive aren’t they, and look he’s leaking semen. Well, he’s got two intact testicles, he seems healthy, but yes, I can see he has quite a high sex drive. I think he’d definitely benefit from being neutered, it would certainly calm him down.”

“How is it done? Would he feel any pain?

“Oh no, a lot of dogs are much happier after I’ve castrated them. It’s a fairly simple procedure. I’d give him a little sedative, then some local anesthetic. I’d make an incision here, in the scrotum and snip the testicles off, then sew him back up. To be honest, though, I recommend you have his scrotum removed completely too, it only catches on things and without testicles he won’t need it anymore anyway.”

“When could you fit him in? Could you neuter him today?”

“I’m sorry, I’m busy today, I could do him next week — you’d have to bring him down to the surgery.”

“Okay, thanks, I’ll be in touch.”

Of course, while this conversation was going on Anita’s latex gloved hands were maneuvering over his genitals, demonstrating where the cuts would be made and what would be removed. Sadie and Anita having this conversation in front of him had him quivering with fear, desperate to say something, but unable to, due to the anti-bark collar. Anita left and Sadie sat on one of the iron patio chairs smirking at her shaking pet.


[ Sadie disables his anti-bark collar to discuss whether he wishes to become her pet dog permanently ]

“Urgh! You were talking about neutering me.”

“Just a bit of fun, of course if you wanted to be my permanent pet, and after Dr. Eve’s programming you turned out to be a little bit frisky — well, perhaps I’d have you neutered to calm you down. Anita is very professional, it would be very safe and the results would be exquisite.”

[ The decision is deferred for the time being. George agrees to return and be Sadie’s pet dog again on the following weekend. ]

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Jenny Wade – The Castrated Gods and their Castration Cults

Jenny Wade – The Castrated Gods and their Castration Cults

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“Voluntary Genital Ablations” – a scholarly article

Voluntary Genital Ablations

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Castration world-building

I love building worlds in which men are trapped and must live in constant fear of castration, where if they make one false step they will lose their balls.

A hot adjunct of this are stories where women are aware of the dynamics and who cunningly scheme to trick and maneuver men into making that false step. Like a game of cat-and-mouse or a game of chess where checkmate means castration. Games where the women have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Such women would naturally leer and gloat once they had achieved their wicked objective.

I guess I am similar to Lamivex in this regard, with his Ladies’ Love Paradise and Cuckworld.

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“The Adjudikator – The Book” by Aunt Cassie

[This is a continuation of “The Adjudikator – Up in the Attic”]

Megan was a cute, popular girl and still a virgin. She had French kissed a couple times on dates but was eager to learn more. On one occassion, she and her girlfriends had organized a pajama party and invited a cute boy to sneak in. They all took turns shyly touching and feeling his throbbing privates and then he showed them how a boy masturbates. So she was very inqusitive about everything to do with sex including castration.

Later that same night she and her mom had visited her grandmother’s attic, Megan went to bed wearing only a cotton mini-t-shirt and satiny panties. She snuggled down into her soft, warm, sweetly fragrant bed and cuddled her sad-eyed panda bear stuffed animal. Although Megan is a teen she still clings to some of her childhood habits.

She reaches over to her nightstand and picks up the funny little antique book about the Adjudikator contraption that she and her mom had found in the attic. Megan reads the book slowly to savor it. It takes a week of nightly readings to finish it. As she reads it she finds that certain parts in the book make her nipples stiffen and her clit tingle and throb. So much of the content is sexually suggestive and arousing that she wonders if the book wasn’t intended more as pornography than standard reportage.

The following sections summarize the contents of the book.

General Description

It has a green-cloth-bound cover. The title on the spine is printed in gold lettering. It is 250 pages long and was published in 1872. It contains photos and diagrams. All the pages are covered with light brown spots called foxing. The title is “Aunt Lydia’s Adjudikator” and the sub-title is ” An Instrument of Women’s Justice”.


In the interests of brevity Adj is used to abbreviate Adjudikator.

The introduction tells what the book is about and how the author came to write it.

The book is about the Adj, a small, manually-operated mechanical device designed to facilitate the safe and effective castration of men. The Adj was designed so that it could be operated without any need for medical training.

The Adj was sold via the standard mail-order catalogs of the day. It sold well and soon became a popular sensation all across the country.

The Adj was invented, manufactured and sold by a women calling herself ‘Aunt Lydia’.

The philosophy behind the Adj was that it was to be used for moral correction, temperament improvement and above all, Women’s Justice.

The author is a young reporter working at a big Boston newspaper and he was given the assignment to do a story on the Adj and it’s inventor.

The author travels out to a small town west of Boston, Gideon’s Hill, where the Adj workshop is located. He meets Aunt Lydia and is given a tour of the workshop.

One small room in the workshop building is an archive containing newspaper articles, letters, reports and testimonials about the Adj gathered from all over the country. The author realized that this material could be used to write a book about the Adj and its inventor.

Aunt Lydia loves the idea of a book and gives the author permission to use the archive and also she agrees to grant him a series of interviews for the book.

As he works on the book the author finds himself drawn more and more deeply into the world of Aunt Lydia and her invention.

Chapter One

This chapter tells of Aunt Lydia’s family background and upbringing and of factors that contributed to inspiring Aunt Lydia to develop the Adj.

She came from an old, well-established, affluent family. The family home was a beautiful Back Bay townhouse. Her family were well-respected community leaders, very upright and moral.

Growing up, Aunt Lydia was a very unladylike tomboy. She was very bright and dynamic. Her father was an eminent physician so she was thoroughly familiar with male and female reproductive biology.

As a young teen Lydia notes how men dominate and exploit women and she also notes the satyr-like way men view girls and women as objects of sexual pursuit. She knew instinctively that she would never tolerate men treating her in those ways.

Later, in college she specializes in mechanical engineering.

Chapter Two

This chapter tells of the inspiration for the invention of the Adj.

As a young adult, Aunt Lydia obtains a position as a mechanical engineer whose job it is to design and improve the machines used by a large food processing concern.

In her private life, Aunt Lydia enjoys socializing with a circle of like-minded lady friends. They are all very upper-class and dominant. They like to play dominant sex games with their male servants and a few other willing young males.

One of these women invents a special milking box. A male is placed in it so that only his buttocks and genitals protrude from a large opening. Then his genitals can be manually toyed with at leisure by the ladies for their amusement.

One servant, Jacob, is very quiet and submissive. The ladies learn that he had lost his testicles as a result of a kick from a horse. They also notice that his oral skills applied to quim and bottom hole are far superior to intact males. In fact, they find Jacob to be the perfect sex toy, servant and companion.

This causes the ladies to wonder if more men could made to be like Jacob. They begin to consider campaigning for castration as an integral part of Women’s Rights. But they are disappointed when one of their group, a surgical nurse, points out that the idea is impractical since performing a castration requires medical training.

As a solution to the problem Aunt Lydia proposes the invention of a mechanical device as a way to allow women to castrate without any training. Her idea is met with unanimous approval and pledges of support.

Chapter Three

This chapter tells of perfecting the design of the Adj, organizing its manufacture and finding ways to sell them.

When it came to sales, Aunt Lydia was totally adamant and inflexible about her policy that Adjs were only to be sold to women.

When asked if test subjects were used during the development of the Adj Aunt Lydia admits that test subjects were used but declined to give further details.

Chapter Four

This chapter tells of the various responses to the Adj in the eastern part of the country.

It’s introduction in the urban areas of the Northeast resulted in an uproar. Many women advocated and championed it. Many men denounced it as dangerous and inhumane. The controversy was basically a stalemate. The chief result was that women practitioners had to be careful and discreet in their employment of the device.

Aunt Lydia herself comes forward to make a very public speech advocating Adjs for preventive use. She is quoted as saying: “The world would be a better place if more men would just bow their head and surrender their manhood to Women’s Justice!”

This controversy turned out to be excellent advertising for the device and sales increased markedly.

The reception in some of the smaller towns in the Northeast was more positive. In some towns there were serious proposals in favor of incorporating its use into the local penal code.

The more sparsely populated Southeast had a fairly relaxed attitude about the Adj. Women were allowed to use the device as they saw fit.

Chapter Five

This chapter tells of how people living in the frontier territories out West reacted to the Adj.

Adjs proved to be very popular out West, it fit in quite well with the rough-and-ready frontier justice that prevailed. In fact, it became ‘one of the ways the West was tamed’.

Many towns had lady judges and they welcomed the Adj as a great addition to their tools for dispensing justice and keeping the peace. It became one of the most common sentences handed out. The judges found it very gratifying to be able to go directly from pronouncing sentence to carrying out the Adj sentence themselves in a back room immediately after.

Many saloons were owned by women and these saloons always had a special back room equipped with an Adj ready to take care of customers that were drunk and disorderly, rude to women or just plain nuisances.

However, ownership of Adjs by women for personal use was relatively rare.

Due to the lack of medical supplies out West it became common to use two small lumps of black pitch to seal the wounds left by an Adj. As a result, men in the frontier territories would jokingly insult each other by saying they had noticed black pitch stains in the other guy’s underdrawers.

Chapter Six

This chapter tells of the private and highly exclusive sex clubs that sprang up in the Northeast inspired by the Adj.

At club meetings the women are fully dressed in prim-and-proper fashion while the men are stark naked.

Action at the clubs consisted in the women employing various methods to sexually torture and humiliate the men.

Each club owned its own Adj and the male members were frequently threatened with being forced to submit to it but the threats were never carried out. Some lady club members owned their own Adjs and did not hesitate to use them for the purpose they were intended.

Aunt Lydia was initially shocked when she learned of these clubs but soon came to embrace them wholeheartedly. On one occasion she was invited to address a club meeting as a guest speaker. During Q&A she was asked about the unusual loyalty and devotion shown by newly castrated eunuchs and she responded by saying, “Once you take a male’s sex glands he is yours forever.”

Chapter Seven

This chapter gives a first person account by the author of his interest and experience with the Adj and its inventor.

When the author first meets Aunt Lydia he is struck by her great dignity and presence. She seems much older but he then realizes she is really only a few years older than himself.

She is very kind and gracious to him while he is working on the book. On more than one occasion she invited him to dine with her at her home, a grand old Victorian mansion.

One night, after a long day of working in the archives he breaks down and begs and pleads with Aunt Lydia to use the Adj on him. She laughed and said, “No, you’re much too young and it would be cruel to send you back to your big-city life a sexless eunuch.”

On his last day in Gideon’s Hill before returning to Boston, as he was getting ready to leave she looked at him with a twinkle and a warm smile and said that maybe someday they would meet again. He knew when he left that day that her memory would stay with him for years to come.


This section contains detailed diagrams and specifications for the design, operation and construction of the device.

Photo Section

The photo section in the middle of the book has photos of Aunt Lydia, an Adj, the factory, Aunt Lydia’s current home and the author.

Newspaper Clipping

A folded piece of yellowed newspaper is stuck in the back of the book. It tells of Aunt Lydia selling her business in 1884 after selling many thousands of Adjs. She decides to abandon the cold Yankee Northland and retire, with a considerable fortune, to a secluded estate located in the warm, welcoming Southland. In addition to her customary social activities with various lady friends, she surrounds herself with a small staff of male servants and admirers, all of them eunuchs, each one of whom she proudly admits she castrated herself. Included in this group is the author of the book that was written about her and her invention.