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Visualization of the testicle-shearing machine

This was going to be part of the “The Plantation” story but I dropped it. I don’t have any plans to revive it. Here is how I visualized it.

The machine is mounted in a heavy metal frame that stands three feet high and is bolted to the floor. It has a slit in the front for the testicles to be drawn through and a small seat for the victim bolted to it on the back. Shiny, razor-sharp blades are placed above and below the slit, a motor brings them together with great force. A shiny stainless-steel bowl on the floor in front of the machine is ready to catch the severed scrotum and testicles. A large red button on the front of the machine is used to activate it.

Ralph is strapped tightly into the seat on the back of the machine, his testicles dangling through the slit. He looks to his assistant, Letitia, for help. He sees her standing in front of him with the Amazons. He realizes with a shock that Letitia is totally buddy-buddy with and in cahoots with the Amazons. She smiles mischievously at him and steps forward to the machine. She says, “Sorry, boss”, and pushes the red button. He bellows in agony and vomits over himself and the machine and then passes out. One of the Amazons matter-of-factly brings over a hose and sprays water over Ralph and the machine, rinsing them off.

He wakes up later laying in bed in the small infirmary. Letitia is sitting next to the bed. She tells him that she is sure he will make a good field worker at the plantation, working out in the fields in the hot sun all day. She tells him she will explain to the editors back at the newspaper that the whole thing had turned out to be a hoax, there was no plantation just some raggedy dirt farmers with a couple chicken and a pig, and so he had decided to take an early retirement and move to Costa Rica.

Letitia climbs up into the jacked-up, big-wheel four-wheel-drive pickup and drives over the long, very-rough road through bayou country back to the big city.

A month later Letitia receives a package in the mail. She calls her girlfriends and invites them over for a pizza and beer party. She shows them what came in the package, a beautiful draw-string change-purse made of soft, pliable leather decorated with colorful patterns and shiny metal rings and beads. She passes it around for them to look at closely and one of her girlfriends says, “You know what this looks like? A guy’s nut sack!” They all laugh and kick back for a relaxing evening.

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“Arabella – Plant the Seed” by Aunt Cassie

Her name was Arabella, or Bella for short. Bella was a real hot babe, lithe and supple. All men wanted her and she loved it.

She had had many jobs, all people-oriented: human resources, beautician, health club worker, real estate agent. She loved variety and she loved meeting people and making friends and she always kept the friends she made. She had a huge social circle and went out to lots of fun social events. She continually surrounded herself with healthy, active, every-day people.

She met lots of hot guys and she loved flirting and playing sex games with them. She would regularly cocktease men until they developed obvious erections bulging in their pants.

She needed to be in control and to be the center of attention. She never liked penetration. Cockteasing and oral tribute was her preferred kinds of sex.

With a few select ‘pets’ she would go out on dates and cocktease them all night and then get them somewhere private and do a strip tease for them. Then she would have them give her oral tribute front and back. Then she would let them ask permission to jerk off for her. They would kneel at her feet while she remained seated. She loved to watch them relieve their pent-up frustration, urgently jerking their cocks. She loved it best when they had saved up their cum by abstaining before the date which caused them to helplessly spurt huge loads. They were always so sweet and embarrassed after having shown her their most private function.

Bella was married and her husband really brought home the bacon. He had some kind of super bean-counting job, a CPA or a CFO or some such, she was never much interested to find out. He knew she played around but he didn’t mind, he was actually flattered that so many men worshipped his hot wife.

Her husband was quiet and reserved. Bella was frustrated that he was such a social stick-in-the-mud. So one day while she was thinking about this she noticed a display in the cosmetics and hair-care section at the back of a drug store. The display was called “Plant the Seed”. It promoted the life-enhancing qualities of having your partner castrated. There were some brochures and a little pyramid of free specimen jars for preserving the male’s manhood which made her giggle.

Bella was intrigued and took the brochure and a jar home with her. She visited the website given on the brochure to learn more about it. There was a lot of material available on the website: videos, write-ups and testimonials. She prided herself on keeping up with the latest fashions and trends and she was surprised to learn that she had completely missed the new eunuch-partner trend. She learned how castration had started as a new sexual identity choice and then spread into more mainstream sexualities, especially in female-led relationships.

According to the “Plant the Seed” material, there were many benefits that come with castration that derived from males being freed of the inhibiting and stunting effects of male-gender conditioning.

Videos of eunuchs showed how relaxed and verbal and demonstrative they were. They were softer and calmer and more cuddly. New eunuchs also enjoyed a special status among women. They had a kind of glow that attracted women. Women instinctively knew they were totally safe, open and accessible. Women would talk to them and touch them and share with them as they would with another woman.

The “Plant the Seed” material suggested that women should discuss these advantages with their partner. This had been shown to be an effective way of encouraging the partner to accept and to begin to desire castration.

The company behind the “Plant the Seed” campaign offered comprehensive counseling and referral services for such prospective woman/eunuch relationships.

After having thought about it for a few days Bella decided that her husband would be an ideal candidate and that she was going to begin to ‘plant-the-seed’.

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Creamy Cum Plantation

Cruel amazon-type women operate a bizarre plantation deep in the Louisiana bayou country. There is a long private dirt road out to the plantation but it is virtually impassable most of the year. Helicopters are the main form of transport to and from the plantation. The plantation is part of a large network of plantations located in remote and inaccessible areas worldwide.

The amazons are all at least six feet tall. Most of them are brunettes but there are a few blondes and redheads as well. They all have full figures: big busts, narrow waists, wide hips and generous buttocks. They all wear tight khaki military-type fatigues with lots of cleavage showing. Their faces are hard and mannish.

The purpose of the plantation is the production of sissy-boy semen. The semen is sold to be used in a wide variety of ways.

Helpless sissy-boys are held captive in cages. The cages completely fill a large, three-story corrugated-metal building. The cage-filled building is only one of a large group of corrugated-metal buildings on the plantation.

The sissy-boys are kept naked and wear tight chastity devices on their privates to prevent them from wasting their precious semen. They are milked of their seminal essence on a weekly basis. The sissy-boys are well taken care of. They are fed healthy food and are given plenty of opportunity for exercise.

The sissy-boys are recruited from the S&M scenes in large cities in the region. There is no problem finding enough volunteers, in fact there is a substantial waiting list. Of course, the volunteers are kept in the dark as to exactly what they are getting themselves into.

They are fed a special medicated gruel as part of their diet that makes their testicles grow to twice their normal size and makes them yield a much higher volume of semen/sperm. Unfortunately, a side-effect of the medication is that it shortens the productive life of the testicles. Once the productive output of a sissy-boy’s testicles has been exhausted he is relieved of his semen producing duties and reallocated to field work. As part of this reallocation the sissy-boy is taken to be processed by the testicle-shearing machine.

Snoopy detectives and reporters that visit the plantation are dealt with by being taken to the VIP milking parlor where they are tricked into letting themselves be milked. After they have experienced the most powerful orgasm of their life and they are floating in a blissful daze they are injected without warning with muscle-relaxant and taken to the testicle-shearing room. Then they are assigned to field work all day out in the hot sun, and are never seen again by the outside world.

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The testicle-shearing machine

The following is an abbreviated excerpt from a work-in-progress about a middle-aged male reporter and his hot young female assistant who travel to a remote, isolated plantation in the Louisiana bayou country. The plantation is staffed by a group of six-foot-plus amazons.


He was strapped in tight to the testicle-shearing machine.

She said, “Sorry, boss,” and pushed the button.

He bellowed in agony and vomited over himself and the machine.

Much later, after it had been tanned and decorated, she used his scrotum as a change purse.

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“The Adjudikator – Up in the Attic” by Aunt Cassie

Grandma had just died so my mom, Clara, decided to go over to her house and have a look around in her attic. She invited me, Megan, to come along. It was a big old Victorian style house with a huge attic and there was a ton of stuff up there. It wasn’t very well lit so mom brought along a flashlight.

After poking around for a while I found a strange contraption. It seemed to kind of mechanical and was about the size of a pizza box. It had a wooden frame, it was open on top and you could see a bunch of rods and pulleys in it and it had a crank on the side. I called my mother over and asked her about it.

Mom said it was over a hundred years old and it was an invention of her great great great aunt Lydia. Lydia was renowned for her great moral rectitude. She had invented to help make the world a better, more moral place. She called it the Adjudikator. It’s a quick and reliable device for the removal of testicles from the scrotum of a male.

Mom shined the flashlight down into it and I looked more closely and saw a sliding panel, cranks, clamps, slicing blades, snipping blades, a broad funnel, and in the center, a waiting jar.

Megan: Wow, that’s really neat! What kind of animals was it used on?

Clara: Animals? Oh no, it was used on men! Your aunt Lydia had very strong views on how to solve social problems. Many of these were manufactured. There was even a book written about it at the time. There should even be a copy of it around here somewhere.

M: So it was actually used?

C: Oh yes, in fact sometimes it was overused. In the wild territories out west many of the judges were women and many men were sentenced to be ‘corrected’ using the Adjudikator.

M: That’s awful!

C: Yes, you are right. And more recently there have even been cases where this device has been misused.

M: Really??

C: Yes. Some sex workers called dominatrixes bought Adjudikators in antique shops and online. They told their clients it was a new tool for sex play but when the men found out what it was really for it was too late. Ha ha!

M: Mom! That’s not funny!

C: Ha ha! Well, I guess you’re right. After they used it a few times the sex workers had to quickly leave town and change their names. But they felt it was worth it.

M: You sure know a lot about these women, mom.

C: Well, if you can keep a secret I’ll tell you that I was one of them!

M: No!

C: Yes! The thing is that after you’ve used it a couple times it kind of becomes addictive.

M: When was the last time you used it?

C: Well, have you ever noticed how sweet and quiet and cuddly your dad is?

M: Mom, you don’t mean…?

C: Yup. I’ll show you the little jar with his thingies in it when we go home.

M: But that’s so mean. You tricked dad into letting you do it to him?

C: Oh no, I didn’t trick him. We had played with it on a number of occasions but never went all the way. But then your dad became obsessed with going all the way. So…

M: So, you humored him?

C: I have to tell you it was quite an intense experience.

M: I’ll bet. But I still don’t understand…

C: Well, some men just have a deep need to give themselves totally to a strong woman.

M: Wow, men sure are weird. So, now, does he ever regret it?

C: Oh, no. He’s quite happy being a eunuch. In fact, I’m sure he’d be quite willing to discuss it with you.

M: That’d be cool.

C: Yes, he loves talking about it and he loves showing it off too, if you’d be interested.

M: Showing it off?

C: Yes, why not? You’re old enough to handle it. When we get together to talk about it we can also ask him to show us what he looks like down there, in his private area where the changes were made.

M: Isn’t it kind of gross?

C: Oh, no, it’s quite cute. There isn’t really much to see. His scrotum has completely disappeared and his peeny has shrunk down to a tiny size.

M: Sounds awesome, mom. Can I invite some of my girlfriends over too, to see it?

C: I don’t see why not. The more the merrier! But you have to promise not to use the Adjudikator on any of your boyfriends.

M: OK, mom, me and my friends will promise to be good.

C: “Good. Oh look, here’s that book I was telling you about.” Clara picked up a small antique book with a green cloth cover with gold lettering on it. She handed it to Megan.

M: Thanks mom! This looks really neat! I can’t wait to read it!

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“The Neuter Program – The Briefing” by Aunt Cassie

Joe Jones, a quiet, pudgy, late-middle-age man goes to have a small cyst surgically removed by a woman surgeon, Doctor X.

Two weeks later he receives a hand-addressed envelope containing a mysterious invitation to visit Doctor X at her home in order to “discuss a private matter that might interest him”.

She lives in a Victorian style home in a nice neighborhood. She is an attractive brunette with a full figure. She greets him warmly and they sit down together in her living room. He listens as she explains her proposal for his participation in a special program.

“You fit our profile, Joe. So we were well-prepared for you when you arrived for your appointment. We deliberately subjected you to a suite of subtle cues and stimuli and as we expected your responses showed you to be a perfect candidate for our Program.

You obviously have very strong submissive and masochistic tendencies with respect to women. Our research has shown that males like yourself have a deep-seated need to be humiliated and emasculated by women. Furthermore, this need is, unfortunately, often so repressed that it is completely overlooked and undetected. Our greatest discovery has been that the degree of need for emasculation in this context turns out to be very great indeed.”

As she says this he notices the trace of a wolfish grin at the corners of her mouth and a strange glint in her eye that gives him shivers.

She continues, “This need is actually a completely natural and healthy one but because of the values our society is structured on this need is considered wrong and unacceptable. And this is what leads to it’s unjust suppression.

It is the goal of our Program to uncover and gently nurture this need until it reaches its full potential for expression and assumes its rightful place at the center of the male subject’s life, just as standard heterosexual feelings form the central position in the lives of mainstream society.

And the inverse counterpart of this need is also naturally present in many women. An integral part of our program is to bring pairs of males and women together and match them up for their mutual interaction and self expression in this regard.”

She becomes more intimate and leans forward to quietly say, “Joe, you’re leading a lonely, degraded life, spilling your seed to femdom porn. You could be realizing your true potential.” She smiles knowingly as she watches him squirm in his seat because of the penile erection trapped in his tight pants.

At the end of the interview she gives him a small booklet to read as well as a DVD to view in the privacy of his home.

The Booklet

The booklet outlines the Program. It is a private and confidential program. There are hopes that once it has become successful enough that it can be taken public.

There is no cost to the subjects. Subjects can leave the program at any time but if they do they are barred from reentering it.

The DVD starts with a run-through of the various stages of the Program and ends with a number of testimonials given by past participants.

Stage one – screening: Agents of the program have been placed in various medical facilities and instructed to look out for male candidates fitting the profile. Candidates are contacted and interviewed and invited to participate.

The process for selecting women candidates is different. They are women with pronounced dominant needs and behaviors.

Stage two – pairing: Woman subjects are given a choice of males to select as a partner. Males accept without question whichever woman selects them.

Body size differences follow those for standard romantic pairings with the woman being smaller than the male.

Stage three – bonding: The candidate pairs meet with each other for ‘sexual development sessions’ two or three times a week.

They are encouraged to explore their respective psychological and sexual roles during uninhibited sex play. These sessions are expected to include neutering-related verbal and non-verbal activities.

This stage also includes the training of the woman in basic surgical procedures in order for her to take as active a part in the neutering event as possible.

Candidate pairs are carefully tested to make sure they are fully ready for the next stage before proceeding. In particular, the male must demonstrate a significant eagerness and craving to undergo his neutering.

Stage four – neutering: The climactic procedure is carried out by a small team of trained professional women in a clinical setting. The male subject’s partner is present and participates. Role playing taken from the sexual development sessions is repeated but with real action taking the place of pretending. The procedure is videoed from multiple angles. The resulting video is primarily for the Program’s use but copies are given to the women subjects upon request.

Stage five – follow on: Many women choose to follow-on with a continuation of the relationship with the neutered partner, commonly using the eunuch as a domestic servant. “I love how sweet and obedient they are after they’ve been fixed!” is a typical comment.

But quite a few women feel that the neutering event effectively cancels the bond with the male and instead express a desire to re-enter the program with a new partner. Both are considered acceptable and appropriate outcomes.

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Milestones: Tough Women and Their Feminized Men

[Just a stub for now.]

Bought this in an adult bookstore in West Hollywood back in the late ’80s. Had a great cover by LoSarro. Here are the 4 chapters that I found hottest:

Case 3:1
Case 3:2
Case 4:1
Case 4:2

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Dan Arnitz story, part 2

[This story does not yet have a title.]

Jonathan and Jackie sat side by side next to the table with a good view of everything. Jackie had her hand on Jonathan’s lap, slowly masturbating him, and Jonathan had his hand on Jackie’s lap gently fingering her smooth wet pussy.

Maggie took her scalpel and held it up to the right side of Tim’s numbed scrotum, she increased the pressure and slid the blade down the soft skin. Lifting the blade she made another pass, and another, each time cutting deeper, through layer after layer of Tim’s scrotal skin. After the final pass, she could see her prize! A large, smooth, grayish-pink orb! She smiled and began cutting on the other side of Tim’s scrotum to free it’s twin. Once Maggie had cut through all the layers of scrotal membrane on the left side, she put down her scalpel and wrapped her hand tightly around the base of the scrotum.

She looked over at Jonathan and Jackie who were thoroughly enjoying pleasuring to the sight.

“You kids might want to pay closer attention now! This is the FUN part!” Maggie exclaimed, she then slowly but firmly pulled outward, pushing Tim’s balls from sitting comfortably in his sac, to creeping toward her incisions, they clawed for freedom from Tim’s sac as Maggie increased the pressure, till all at once, both of Tim’s massive testicles popped out of his scrotum! And hung free by their cords against Maggie’s clenched fist, now only holding onto an vacant sac.

Jackie and Jonathan’s jaws dropped at the sight! Jonathan had only seen this kind of thing in porn, and Jackie had never seen anything like this in all her life! A human’s testicles, hanging outside his scrotum! After several seconds, Jonathan smiled with rare and special kind of happiness you only get a couple times in life. While Jackie remained completely stunned and transfixed on Tim’s testicles as Maggie playfully tugged on them and jiggled them around, much to Tim’s and her own amusement.

After what seemed like an eternity, Jackie slowly stood up and stepped closer to the table, marveling at what she was seeing but still working on believing. “C-c-can I touch one?” She said shakily.

“Absolutely!” Maggie answered, stepping aside and letting Jackie stand between the stirrups. Jackie stepped still closer and gingerly stretched out her hand, she touched Tim’s left testicle, as it hung by its cords. She softly poked it, then traced her finger along the dark veins across its surface, feeling the slipperiness of it. She picked it up in her palm, holding her breath in awe and bewilderment, she felt it’s weight, it’s shape, the slight faint pulse of life still in it. She let it hang again and pulled downwards on it for a second, “Can you feel that?” She asked Tim.

“I sure can” he replied with a laugh.

“Does it hurt?”

“Not at all!” Tim replied in a reassuring voice.

“That’s so interesting!” Jackie breathed. She scooped them both up in the palm of her hand. “So all the sperm he’s ever made and ever will make has been in here? And in a few short seconds you’re going to cut them off?” Jackie said in utter amazement.

“That’s right sweetheart!” Maggie answered with a sparkle.

“That’s incredible!” Jackie exclaimed.

“I think so too! That’s why I do this! It always gives me such a rush, being able to take a guy’s testicles out and clip him!” Maggie responded in ecstasy.

“Wow! How many times have you done this??” Jackie couldn’t contain her excitement anymore!

“Oh I’m probably closing in on triple digits now! Every time is exciting beyond belief though! I’ve had all kinds of guys too, your middle class average Joe, wealthy CEOs, married men, dad’s, fathers and son’s with they’re wife’s and girlfriend’s present! I’ve even had a kid who was waiting so long, finally come in first thing in the morning on his 18th birthday to get neutered as a present to himself!” Maggie answered. “You should see my collection! I’ll show you sometime!”

Jackie was stunned again at how hot and erotic this all was! There was a small puddle forming at her feet and the insides of her legs were glistening, soaked by her juices.

“Would you like to give it a shot?” Maggie sprung the question on Jackie.

“W-what? What??” “ME?? NOW??” Jackie replied in shock.

“Well judging by the fact that you’re absolutely gushing, I think it’d be safe to assume that you find this all pretty appealing young lady!” Maggie laughed.

Jackie blushed. “yes.” She said is a whisper barely audible.

“What’s that?” Maggie asked, egging her on.

“Yes I would love to” Jackie said softly.

“Excellent!” Maggie exclaimed with pure joy! She showed Jackie closely as she tied off Tim’s cords, high and close to the body. She tied off both sides and then instructed Jackie how to hold the testicle itself and pull light tension on it to stretch the cord taught. She told her how to position the surgical scissors underneath the suture site, and she was ready. Maggie handed Jackie the scissors and stepped back to watch.

Jonathan stepped up behind Jackie, and with one hand he reached around to her front, poised to finger her drenched clit, and with the other he wrapped his arm around her chest and gently squeezed her breasts.

Jackie stood shaking in nervous pleasure as she pulled Tim’s left testicle tight, and placed the scissors over his cord. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, taking in everything her senses could gather, the faint smell of iron in the air, the feeling of Jonathan behind her, stimulating her clit and nipples, her paradoxically trembling yet steady hands. She opened her eyes and closed the scissors. Tim’s left testicle came free in her hand, she couldn’t believe it!

She turned her head around to face Maggie and Jonathan, holding up the fleshy orb with a beaming smile on her face! She looked down and examined it closely, holding it with her fingers and rubbing it with her thumb smiling at what she just accomplished. She laid the severed testicle on Tim’s left thigh. She picked up his right one and pulled it tight too, as she positioned the scissors again, Jonathan continued pleasuring Jackie more, preparing to bring her to climax when she finished her task. Jackie could barely stay standing as she closed the scissors for a second time, pounding waves of ecstacy crashed through her body as she experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life. As Tim’s final testicle came free in her hand she half-collapsed onto her arms as she quivered with pure delight. “I just castrated someone and I LOVED IT!!” She cried!


Still reeling and collecting herself from the earth shattering experience she just had, Jackie looked down at her hand, still holding Tim’s right testicle, as Maggie stepped in and began sewing up Tim’s now perfectly deflated scrotum.

Jackie looked at him and asked” do you mind if I try something with this?”

“Of course not! They’re yours now after all!” Tim exclaimed.

“It’s true! Unless they really want them, they client usually gives their testicles to the one who neutered them! You can start your own collection now!” Maggie interjected.

“Aww! Thank you! I’ll treasure them always!” Jackie responded in the sweetest tone. “I really want to try something though!” She said as she looked at it. She lowered it down to her groin, and began rubbing her clit with its round, smooth surfaces she continued to press harder and harder as she masturbated with it, she slid it up and down the length of her vagina, until she slid it low and pressed harder. Her head rolled back and her eyes closed as her lips gave way, and Tim’s massive right testicle slipped inside her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goooooooooodddd” she moaned as the large orb situated itself inside her vagina, the long cord hanging loose between her legs.

“Well I never thought to do that before darling” Maggie chuckled, “how’s it feel?”

“Sooooooo goooooood” Jackie moaned in reply. She stood up and walked around, feeling the testicle shifting around inside her as her hips swayed. “Mmmmmmmm” Jackie hummed. “This is amazing, everything just feels so comfortably tight and good!” She bent over slightly, cupping her hand over her vagina but spreading her fingers slightly, with her other hand she gently pulled on the exposed cord, pulling it out slightly, then letting it get sucked back in. She giggled at the sensations. “This seriously feels soo good, I think I’m going to keep it in there for the rest of the day!” She laughed in playful discovery. “I can’t believe this morning I was waiting tables, and now I’ve castrated someone and I’m exploring my kinky side!”

“Isn’t this fun?? See? Kinky sexy doesn’t always have to be brutal and scary!” Jonathan chimed in with a laugh.

She lifted her head to meet Jonathan’s and smiled. “I like that, I like that a lot.” She replied.

“Would you be willing to explore this crazy, fun new side of yourself with me?” Jonathan asked with love.

“Aww! I’d love that! You’ll have to show me everything! … maybe we could even…” Jackie very obviously, looks over at Tim’s emptied scrotum and the lone testicle on his thigh, then looks back at Jonathan’s own crotch, then back up to his face and raises and eyebrow in suggestion.

Jonathan smiles in response and picks up Jackie in a hug. “I would love that SO much!” Jonathan answered. Giving her an extra squeeze, which happened to make the testicle pop out of her!

“I thought you loved me! You made me lay my egg!” Jackie mock scolded, to the laughter of everyone.

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Dan Arnitz story contribution

Jonathan had been scouring the internet for months, doing research, looking for answers, watching videos and even talking with people. Ever since that first exposure he’d been hooked and enthralled. Castration. That’s what Jonathan had been spending his time obsessed with, ever since he’d stumbled on that detailed video of a man having his testicles cut out and clipped off, nothing was hotter or more captivating.

By now he had seen many men losing their balls, coming off by various means, each time exciting and wonderful! But this opportunity was different, Jonathan had been chatting back and forth with another interested party, Tim, who happen to be local! This man was going to be getting neutered this weekend, and because Jonathan had expressed such interest, Tim offered to let him tag along and watch the momentous occasion. Jonathan was ecstatic! This wasn’t real, he was about to actually witness a real castration before his very eyes!

He couldn’t stop shaking with nervous excitement as the week seemed to fly by, till finally, Saturday morning came around. Both men agreed to meet for a late breakfast at the town diner before the main event. While they were complete strangers until that point, that spoke as if they had know each other forever, sharing thoughts about different stories and videos they’ve seen, different scenarios they’ve each dreamt up and bounced ideas off each other.

They spoke extremely openly about these things even though the diner was fairly full. Their waitress was an attractive young woman named Jackie, she had a sweet face and light brown hair, as she waited on them throughout their meal, she picked up pieces of their conversation but couldn’t exactly put together what they were talking about. As she brought them their check after they’d finished, she asked “Pardon my eavesdropping, but you gentlemen have had a fairly intriguing conversation from what I could gather” she said with a slight chuckle, “just what IS it you’re talking about?”

Jonathan and Tim pause and burst into a chuckle of their own. Tim responds with a “Well I actually won’t be a ‘gentleman’ for very much longer miss” to which Jonathan laughs a little more.

“Oh? What do you mean by that?” Jackie replied with a slight confused expression.

Jonathan responded, “We’re both actually really into castration! Tim here is actually getting neutered later today right after we leave here, and has been so kind as to let me watch!”

“Oh my!” Said the waitress “Are you serious?? That’s so odd! I’ve never heard of a PERSON getting neutered before.”

Jonathan popped back in with “Its actually incredibly fascinating and can be really hot!”

Tim joking added “Would YOU like to watch too?” To which both guys laughed.

Jackie stood with a bewildered look on her face pondering and processing what she’d just heard. After a few seconds, she looked at them again and said “You’d let me? I’ve been here since 5am and I get off in 10 minutes”.

Both men looked at each other, then back to her. “Seriously?” They both asked.

She nodded yes with a small sweet smile. And they all agreed. Jonathan and Tim waited out by the car for Jackie to finished her shift, as the three of them all rode to the place where Tim would lose his manhood, they brought her up to speed on all things relating to castration.

When they reached their destination and got out of the car Jackie said “Wow this is all incredible! I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on in my life! Look I’m completely soaked!” She was still wearing her waitress outfit and she lifted the front of her skirt to reveal a pair of light cream and white checkered panties, that had a distinct wet spot covering her entire crotch Jonathan stared at her, entranced by the angel before him, “Would you like to feel? Go ahead” Jackie said.

Jonathan moved slowly toward her in tenderness and reached out his hand to touch her, he gently placed his upturned hand on her and cupped her vagina, feeling her slippery wetness through her smooth panties, he put slightly more pressure with his middle finger as he drew his hand up, tracing the opening of her vagina, Jackie’s head fell back as she breathed in through closed teeth “ohhhhh” she exhaled as Jonathan gently slipped his fingers inside her underwear and continued to stimulate Jackie’s beautiful body.

Meanwhile Tim had been standing at the door to the vet clinic, watching the two loving the experience, the female veterinarian who had agreed to castrate him and had set up this whole day, had come out to meet him, they both just stood and watched Jackie and Jonathan as they were totally oblivious and lost in each other.

Maggie the vet stood next to Tim a mumbled “quite the show huh?” Into his ear and they both chuckled. She reached into Tim’s pants and began stroking the hardon he was getting. “Pull down your pants” she whispered into his ear.

Tim pulled his pants and boxers down around his ankles as Maggie continued to stroking his now free and massive penis. With the other hand she reached from behind, between his legs and started fondling and squeezing Tim’s large balls, “are you ready sweetie? She asked.

“So ready” Tim replied.

“Hey you kids!” Maggie exclaimed, snapping Jackie and Jonathan out of their blissful daze. “Are y’all good with just diddlin’ each other in the parking lot? Or do you want to see the real show??”

Both blushed with embarrassment and with shaking legs, followed Tim and Maggie into the empty clinic. They all entered an operating room with the table already prepared for Tim.

Maggie nodded towards the table and looked at Tim “now’s your big moment, sweetheart. He climbed up on the operating table and removed his shirt. Maggie positioned his legs into some stirrups and made sure she had all the access she needed to his large testicles. Maggie turned her head to Jackie and Jonathan behind her, “got a good view of everything kiddos?”

story text

“Stealth Castration” by Aunt Cassie

She walked down the hallway and looked into her husband’s study and saw a familiar sight. He was naked except for a t-shirt. He was sitting in front of his laptop looking at porn and his right hand was pistoning rhythmically on his greasy erection.

She smiled and said, “Hi, honey, enjoying yourself?”

He gave her a confused look and said, “Yeah, I mean, no.”

“What’s the matter, honey?”

“Well, it’s funny, I’ve been jerking off for an hour now and I can’t seem to be able to cum.”

“That’s too bad. Maybe I can help. First off, have you checked your balls?”

“Well, now that you mention it they do feel kind of funny, kind of numb.” And he reached down and squeezed them in their pouch.

“It’s probably because they’re not real, they’re actually plastic replicas called Neuticles.”

“Huh? Say what??”

“Yes, and the reason you can’t cum is because you don’t have any testicles.”

“What? How? That’s crazy!”

“Sorry, honey, no more little cummies for you, I’m afraid.”

“This can’t be happening!” he cried in anguish. “What have you done?”

“Well, I just got tired of your being ‘Mr. Big Stuff’, playing with your smelly pecker all the time, and I decided to cut you down to size.”

“It’s not possible!”

“On the contrary, it’s very possible. I was talking to Joanne about it and she told me of a new breakthrough in medical science, ‘Stealth Castration’. And it turned out to be very affordable and easy to arrange.”

By this time his big erection had wilted down to a tiny stub and he was on the verge of tears. “Please, honey, I’m desperate! I’m begging you, please call whoever did this and have it reversed!”

“Sorry, baby, that’s not possible. You’re just going to have to accept being a sexless eunuch.”

He looked at her, his mouth hanging open, struck dumb with disbelief.

She chuckled and her voice took on a new, hard edge. “So, I guess now you’ve learned who’s boss. And believe me, you’re gonna have to be making some serious changes in your conduct. But for now, why don’t you be a good little boy and take a shower and get dressed. Dinner will be ready in an hour.”

She leaves him and he hangs his head and quietly sobs.