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The No-nuts Nudist camp

I had an idea for a story about a suburban club of dominant women called the “No-nuts Club”. One of the club’s projects is organizing an annual ‘No-nuts nudist camp’ located in a secluded tropical location. Eunuchs are invited via advertisements on sex sites and publications. The ladies of the club love being at a sun-and-fun leisure place with so many eunuchs. The ladies love to see so many men walking around with their empty sacs dangling beneath their limp and shrunken peenies. The ladies also love to have casual conversations with eunuchs where they ask them how they like being castrated and how they came to be castrated.

Another part of the story would be about how the ladies invite the admin of a famous femdom castration site to attend one of their meetings.

I have a rough draft written but don’t have plans to finish it.

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“Cries and Whimpers”

A story about a handyman/janitor that works part time for the Gender Affirmation Medicine (GAM) clinic. All female staff, of course.

The patients are all meek, submissive men and are always brought to the clinic by strong, domineering women. He is naïve at first but eventually realizes what the procedure the lady surgeon performs consists in.

He sits in the bathroom that shares a wall and a ventilation vent with the lady surgeon’s exam room. He can hear everything. Obviously the procedure is very intense judging from the cries and whimpers given out by the male patients. He finds all this to be quite arousing and he gives in to the temptation to masturbate. He is embarrassed when he comes out of the bathroom because of his obvious post-ejaculation appearance. Subsequently, the staff notice that he has developed the habit of always choosing to go to the bathroom a few minutes after a patient is ushered into the surgeon’s exam room.

At home in his lonely apartment he finds himself fantasizing and masturbating thinking about being one of the surgeon’s patients.

One day as he is leaving the receptionist tells him the surgeon wants to speak with him… Turns out there is a hidden video camera in the bathroom. The lady surgeon tells him that she thinks he could benefit from her treatment and offers him a special discount, totally free.

He blushes fiery red and splutters and chokes as he disrobes while the surgeon watches with an almost gloating, malicious glee. Soon, the other members of the staff are treated to his cries and whimpers.

[ I should rework this to clarify that the cries and whimpers are only psychological and not physical since humane local anesthetics are used. The surgeon provokes these pathetic sounds by verbally teasing and goading her helpless subject during the procedure. Am not planning on putting more work into this, however. ]

[ Needs work to narrow the gender affirming surgeries to just castration. Maybe change the name to Neuter Affirming Medicine or Eunuch Affirming Medicine? ]

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Orchi fantasy

Had a nice fantasy (and cummy) thinking about one of these plastic surgeon ladies contacting me and offering me a discount on an orchiectomy and teasing me about how was it possible that after a lifetime of fantasizing about it I could pass up the opportunity to live it for real? I had the blonde Irish lady from Florida in mind for that. She just seems so happy about this new category of gender dysphoria called eunuchs (pronounced ‘you-knocks’). She tells me it would be a nice, casual afterhours procedure, using local anesthesia, with just herself and a couple female assistants. I admit it would be hard to refuse.

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New “Harem Slave” story

The castratrice looks forward to the fun ahead. “Oh, the Joys of Castration!”
Before castration.  Little does he know what will happen in half an hour!
While he awaits what he thinks is a photoshoot she has a potty ready to keep the penis in after the chop.
While he kneels with his cock in the chopper he watcher the castratrice display her charms thought the hood.  He thinks he’ll be having fun in the fuck-hole soon. How wrong he is!
Instead he suffers a painful fate!
He shakes his head in despair at the loss of his manhood.
Examining the severed penis, while he weeps.
She binds the wound with straps.
Weeks later, he learns to use a dildo as a replacement.
He might even learn to cane a feminine bottom to relive his tensions.
Alas, she can show him her fuck-hole but he can’t go inside any more.
Life without a cock.
Do women dream of this?
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Judith Boston (version 1) by Titian Beresford PDF

This is a short porn novel. It is the first version of it. Apparently, the publishers wanted a hotter, juicier version so Beresford obliged by editing it and injecting 30% more ‘hot juice’ in the form or rather crude terminology and description. Some people prefer the second version, I do not.

Anyway, this is the last of the Beresford books and story collections I have transcribed.

Judith Boston (version 1) by Titian Beresford

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The Wicked Hand by Titian Beresford PDF

This is a collection of 7 stories and an intro by the editrix of “Leg Show” magazine, Dian Hanson. “Leg Show” is where the stories were originally published. There are still a number of stories that were published in “Leg Show” that have never been collected in a book. Beresford also wrote under the name of Gerda Harm. I managed to read one of those unpublished stories and I admit it was a little subpar. Nevertheless, I yearn to gobble up everything Beresford put out. I’d also dearly love to learn who he really was. Apparently, famous fetish illustrator, Sardax, used to correspond with him. And Sardax illustrated some of Beresford’s stories for “Leg Show” I believe. Anyway, here ’tis.

The Wicked Hand by Titian Beresford

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“The Rubber Sanitarium and other stories” by Titian Beresford PDF

These are the stories that were published by Masquerade in the “Chidewell House and other stories” collection.

The Rubber Sanitarium and other stories

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Chidewell House by Titian Beresford PDF

Classic femdom porn by a masterful writer.

Chidewell House by Titian Beresford

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“Who Wears the Pants” by Aunt Cassie

She and her husband had had another protracted and, in her opinion, silly argument. On the following day she told him that she had made an appointment with a doctor that would help him with his problem learning who wore the pants in the family. She told him that the doctor specified that he shave his scrotum thoroughly in preparation.

On the day of the appointment the wife checked that he had shaved his scrotum as required before driving him to the appointment.

The wife sat in the exam room as the lady doctor talked to the husband. The doctor instructed him to remove his lower garments and climb into her exam table.

“I love it when males present their neatly shaved scrotums to me,” declared the doctor with a broad smile.

Then, to the husband the doctor said, “Now I’m going to give you some local anesthetic to get you ready for what happens next. And I’m sure you’ve guessed by now what that is going to entail. I’ve discussed it with your wife and we both agree this is the best thing for you.”

A short while later the doctor was sewing up his now empty scrotum.
“You’ll be a little sore for the next two weeks,” the doctor told him. “And you will also find that your penis will no longer be working as it used to.” The wife couldn’t repress a snicker.

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The “You Bet Your Balls!” game show

Cash prizes versus testicle pain and end of participation.
Jackpot versus televised castration.
Hostess is a hottie in pasties and a G-string.

I’ve seen a wheel-of-fortune type thing for chastity and punishment but here I’m envisioning a show with real challenges at each stage. I suppose the challenges should all have a sexual theme.