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House husbands by Rebecca & TJstill

Here are three images of female dominated and castrated house husbands drawn by Rebecca-HAP (Housewives at Play). The last two also include manips done by TJstill of TheDarkSpot. The last two show the house husband’s castration and how it is making his penis grow progressively smaller with time. Oh, and apparently the last two were colored by someone named Paradox.

And here’s the image before it was edited/manip’ed.

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Clinic Trip Story, cartoon manip by TJStill

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Castration after care

Excellent edit/manip of a Barb O’Toole image. Barb has been around for quite a few years and has created some excellent femdom porn. I first saw her work published in “Whap!” magazine back in 1999. She’s still creating but I haven’t kept up with her. Many of her images make excellent implied-castration scenarios. I’ll be posting more of them.