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New TheDarkSpot castration manips forum thread

This is the place where TJstill posts his manips.

Oh, and you should know that you will be unable to see the full size images until you have been upgraded to “Club Member” status. And in order to get that upgrade you must first make 10 (non-trivial) posts.


Top Trans Medical Org Used Castration Fetish Site For Research To Develop Guidance For Doctors

Interesting news article about real-life eunuchs and which cites the Eunuch Archive. Here’s the link.

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‘Castratrix’ 3D renderer artist on Pixiv

This guy has done a ton of cool stuff. Check him out.

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Richard Lovel podcasturbation: Masturbation Castration

On soundgasm. 28 minutes.

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Brian Tarsis castration image

I originally posted this anonymously with a bunch of other B&W/monochrome images back on 11/30/2020. I’m stunned to realize I never noticed that the signature identified it as belonging to the famous Brian Tarsis.

Here is his site: Brian Tarsis.

And looking at his gallery I am also surprised to see that he is the artist behind the ShadowJack femdom/maledom/femboi illustrations that have been posted online for the past few years.

All gorgeous work, real eye-candy.

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Milestones: Tough Women and Their Feminized Men

[Just a stub for now.]

Bought this in an adult bookstore in West Hollywood back in the late ’80s. Had a great cover by LoSarro. Here are the 4 chapters that I found hottest:

Case 3:1
Case 3:2
Case 4:1
Case 4:2

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relatos de eunucos: great BDSMLR blog

Here’s the link.

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Medical femdom control fantasies site

Including castration. Here is the link.

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DeviantArt deletes Meditek

Those cunts at DeviantArt strike again.

Unfortunately, DeviantArt has deleted Meditek’s account. But here is an archive of them:
Hopefully, Meditek will come back in another, better place. DeviantArt seems mostly interested in presenting perfect, plastic 3D poser bimbos.

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Chinese girl castrates pervert

Anyone know what film this is from???