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Chinese girl castrates pervert

Anyone know what film this is from???


“The Ladies Club” 1986 film

There have been a number of films released over the years that feature femdom castration. None of them have been fully satisfying for me. I guess I like the two “Ilsa” movies best.

Here’s one that had a kind of sad, touchy-feely ending, as I recall.

It’s currently available for free on Youtube but it might get deleted any time. You know how that goes.

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Medical femdom video clip from “Terminal” film

Here’s the Youtube link.

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“The Holy Mountain” film – castration gif

Never seen the film. I don’t admire that Jodorowsky guy.


“Strictly For Ladies Only” gay video

I really got into this in the late ’80s. It’s just 16 hot guys jerking off for the camera. I loved a lot of things about this beside the fact that the guys were sexy and attractive. It’s available online. Here’s the cover of the video.

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“Lisztomania” castration scene

This crazy movie came out in 1975 but I didn’t get around to seeing it until the late ’80s. It’s got the best femdom guillotine castration scene I’ve ever seen. Here are some stills.

The femdom strap-on dildo rape scene in the “Myra Breckinridge” film was pretty hot too. Too bad they had to break the scene up with a lot of stupid jokey old-movie clips. And the scene in Gore Vidal’s book was very hot too.

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Femdom castration in the 1001 Arabian Nights

Discovered this from watching Pasolini’s Arabian Nights film. The castration occurs about half way through the runtime. It’s very well done.

Here is the textual narrative version taken from the famous Richard Burton translation.

The 126th Night

Nevertheless, I cannot by any means leave thee thus, but needs must I set my mark on thee, to spite yonder brazen-faced piece, who hath kept thee from me.” Thereupon she called out to the slave-women and bade them bind my feet with cords and then said to them, “Take seat on him!” They did her bidding, upon which she arose and fetched a pan of copper and hung it over the brazier and poured into it oil of sesame, in which she fried cheese. Then she came up to me (and I still insensible) and, unfastening my bag-trousers, tied a cord round my testicles and, giving it to two of her women, bade them hawl at it. They did so, and I swooned away and was for excess of pain in a world other than this. Then she came with a razor of steel and cut off my member masculine, so that I remained like a woman: after which she seared the wound with the boiling oil and rubbed it with a powder, and I the while unconscious. Now when I came to myself, the blood had stopped; so she bade the slave-girls unbind me and made me drink a cup of wine. Then said she to me, “Go now to her whom thou hast married and who grudged me a single night, and the mercy of Allah be on thy cousin Azizah, who saved thy life and never told her secret love! Indeed, haddest thou not repeated those words to me, I had surely slit thy weasand. Go forth this instant to whom thou wilt, for I needed naught of thee save what I have just cut off; and now I have no part in thee, nor have I any further want of thee or care for thee.

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Abelard – Die Entmannung (Abelard – The Emasculation) (1977) – West German film

Here’s the imdb page for it. Here’s the imdb summary for it: “Two women jilted by their veterinary-assistant lover take excruciating revenge.”

Found the German Wikipedia entry for it. See below. Here’s a poster for it:

Here’s the summary from

The story is about the Munich veterinarian Dr. Georg Rauh and his erotic-amorous relationships with women. None of them suspects that she is just one of many in Rauh’s life. When two of the deeply disappointed lovers of injured vanity and injured pride band together against the faithless lover, there is a bloody act of revenge.

The pretty Munich girls Andrea and Simone are two very different friends who complement each other perfectly in their nature. Both share their excessive self-assessment, their narcissism, their self-love. They only expect the best from men so that they can meet their extremely high demands. Andrea is studying German at the university, Simone, who is a little older, is already working and produces reports for television. As part of a trip to Paris, the two young women visit the celebrity cemetery Père Lachaise and also come across the tomb of Abelard and Heloise . She is fascinated by the story of this famous, tragic pair of lovers from the 12th century and never lets go.

Back in Munich, Simone prepares a report about the university veterinary clinic and gets to know Georg Rauh during the research. Contrary to expectations, the smart veterinarian can meet her high demands on men, and that’s why she introduces him to Andrea. On a joint excursion of the three, the girls subject Georg to a “quality check” and ask him a wealth of questions as part of an apparently harmless, fun cross-examination. Georg passes this test with flying colors, he answers all of her questions casually. Simone then instinctively decides for him and becomes Georg’s new friend. However, since Simone and Andrea have always appeared as Siamese twins, Andrea will soon also be in the game and, not even with bad intentions, gradually pushes between the two. After all, she also ends up in Georg’s arms without breaking the two girls. Although not happy about it, after a bit of grumbling Simone is still ready to accept this intervention, because her friendship with Andrea means everything to her.

But Georg is different from the (ideal) picture that Andrea and Simone projected onto him. So far, women meant something uncomplicated for him, a nice pastime, nothing terribly serious. The exaggeration that Andrea and Simone use in their partner selection is completely foreign to him. And so it happens that Georg knows the actress Nana and the two ultimately come together and become a couple. On a love trip across Ireland Georg and Nana spend carefree days in a gypsy car. Both feel that more can and will grow out of this affair. At home in Munich, Andrea and Simone find out about the new competition and are, primarily because of the feeling of deep, personal insult, overwhelmed with anger. They see nothing more than a disgraceful betrayal of their ideals and feelings in Georg’s behavior, thereby damaging their excessive ego and self-love. From the feeling of powerless anger, both mutually exacerbate themselves in a bloody revenge fantasy.

When Georg returns from Ireland, they confront him in the veterinary clinic’s operating room. The girls remind of Abelard and his story of suffering. What was it called once? “… and they cut off my body from the limb with which I had committed something that was not right for them!” Practically, surgical equipment and anesthetics are at the same time ready. They emasculate the faithless lover with a scalpel. When Simone and Andrea have to answer for their crime in court, they defend their bloody deed with quotes from Abelard’s letters. With a mendacious and infamous appeal to Nana’s nobility and decency, they can also persuade them not to leave their castrated friend and partner.

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Traps (Pasti, pasti, pasticky) (1998) – Czech film

Here’s the link to the imdb page. Here’s the imdb summary: “After two troubled but powerful men rape a young hitchhiker who happens to be a vet, she drugs them and remove their testicles.”

I’d love to see this film but for the following facts: 1) it’s not available for streaming, 2) the only DVDs available are PAL format, 3) the high price tag for the DVD, and 4) all the sociological baggage. All of which kind of puts me off. But I love the fact there is pig sex and pig castration at the beginning.

Oh, and here’s a couple posters for it: