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“Human Dog – Puppy Play Erotica” by Maia Anne Fisher (excerpt)

Ye, he was afraid, but was also aroused. He was very aroused at Sadie’s treatment of him. He started going over the night’s events in his head, as he did he reached down to his crotch and grabbed the shaft of his penis. It was hard, so very hard he started pumping his had up and down, slowly, slowly working himself to orgasm. As he did this, he heard fast clicking coming down the hall. The kitchen door flung open and Sadie strode in scowling at him. “Stop that this instant! What do you think you are doing?”

He opened him mouth to answer, then remembered the anti-bark collar and looked up at her instead. She leaned lower to him. “Dogs do NOT masturbate; if they want to stimulate themselves sexually they lick their own genitals. Don’t try to deny it, I saw you on the hidden infra-red camera! Seeing as you clearly aren’t flexible to stimulate yourself as dogs should and you can’t resist temptation, I shall have to outfit you with a chastity device. Wait here, if I even suspect you’ve played with yourself when I return I’m going to give you a level ten shock!”


She pulled her heels back on and lead him out of the back of the house. He urinated against a tree, cocking his leg and then was led back to the kitchen. She ruffled his hair and petted him, then ushered him into his cage and locked the door. Finally she leaned forwards. “You’ve been a good dog today. Try to get some sleep. Im having the vet around tomorrow to have a look at you, I’m thinking of having you neutered, to see if it calms you down a little.”


“I’ll get you your breakfast, then I think I’ll take you for a walk before the vet comes to see about neutering you.”

George looked stunned at her, trying to convey confusion and surprise with his body language and facial expression.

“Yes, neutering you. I think you’re quite a frisky little puppy and maybe castrating you will calm you down a little? I want the vet’s opinion. Now come on, it’s time for breakfast.”

[ Sadie takes George for a walk ]

When they got back to the house there was a girl sitting on the patio waiting for them. She was sipping a glass of lemonade, wearing dark green scrubs, rather like a nurse but in vet’s colors. Sadie smiled at her. “Ah, Anita, you’re here, come to have a look at him.”

Anita rose and smiled. “Hello. And is this the fellow?”

“Yes, he’s quite a good dog, but he can be a bit frisky. I caught him trying to play with himself the other night, that’s why he’s in a chastity device.”

“Hmmm, well, let’s just take a look at him. Hold him still.”

George shuddered as Sadie gripped his collar tightly and he heard the snap of latex gloves behind him. She started by shining a small flashlight in his eyes, when she reached toward his mouth he held his mouth shut instinctively, but Sadie scolded him. “Be a good dog for the vet, let her examine you.”

Submissively he opened his mouth and allowed her to feel inside and shine her flashlight in, inspecting him. Her hands felt his abdomen and legs and arms, then her latex gloved hands slid beneath his butt-plug tail and gripped his testicles, making him jump.

“Hmmm, these are sensitive aren’t they, and look he’s leaking semen. Well, he’s got two intact testicles, he seems healthy, but yes, I can see he has quite a high sex drive. I think he’d definitely benefit from being neutered, it would certainly calm him down.”

“How is it done? Would he feel any pain?

“Oh no, a lot of dogs are much happier after I’ve castrated them. It’s a fairly simple procedure. I’d give him a little sedative, then some local anesthetic. I’d make an incision here, in the scrotum and snip the testicles off, then sew him back up. To be honest, though, I recommend you have his scrotum removed completely too, it only catches on things and without testicles he won’t need it anymore anyway.”

“When could you fit him in? Could you neuter him today?”

“I’m sorry, I’m busy today, I could do him next week — you’d have to bring him down to the surgery.”

“Okay, thanks, I’ll be in touch.”

Of course, while this conversation was going on Anita’s latex gloved hands were maneuvering over his genitals, demonstrating where the cuts would be made and what would be removed. Sadie and Anita having this conversation in front of him had him quivering with fear, desperate to say something, but unable to, due to the anti-bark collar. Anita left and Sadie sat on one of the iron patio chairs smirking at her shaking pet.


[ Sadie disables his anti-bark collar to discuss whether he wishes to become her pet dog permanently ]

“Urgh! You were talking about neutering me.”

“Just a bit of fun, of course if you wanted to be my permanent pet, and after Dr. Eve’s programming you turned out to be a little bit frisky — well, perhaps I’d have you neutered to calm you down. Anita is very professional, it would be very safe and the results would be exquisite.”

[ The decision is deferred for the time being. George agrees to return and be Sadie’s pet dog again on the following weekend. ]

eBook review

Review of “Thirty-Five Castration Fantasies” eBook by cbtok on GoodReads

This is an excellent review that gives a short summary of each of the 35 fantasies. Here’s where to buy it on Amazon.

Please note: in the review below, the phrase ‘relieves himself’ does not refer to urinating, it refers to masturbating to ejaculation.

The narrator is warned about going into the wrong room…

The punishment for men cheating, exposing one’s self or jerking off is severe, but it keeps this world in line.

Alison’s house husband, Little Billy, routinely serves the women during their bridge games. Alison wants Little Billy to show her friends what a good little pussy licker he is. Reluctance is dealt with. Alison demonstrates exactly how Little Billy functions and thinks about planning a nice surprise party in Little Billy’s honor.

Sharon and Alison encourage the narrator to get an erection and relieve himself in front of them. Alison’s Aunt Cassie knows what to do when dirty men shoot their loads in front of her nieces. The story causes the narrator to shoot his load and Sharon and Alison introduce him to Aunt Cassie.

A college boy is approached by a journalist at a bus stop. She wants him to come back to her apartment and jerk off in front of her. But the campus paper has an article about a rash of mysterious castrations on campus. College boys just need a little guidance.

The narrator is interviewed by the company doctor after filling out a questionnaire and placed with Liza, an executive who takes a special interest in him, fondling and goosing his butt, then inviting him to her home. On tap is a penetration. Then, on a subsequent occasion, to a friend’s place to watch as another woman penetrates Ralph. Liza orders the narrator to jerk off as he watches the scene. Liza tells the story of Ralph’s deflowering by Bruce. This story is to introduce the narrator to his own future with the company. There is a special requirement for Personal Assistants to a Vice President.
This story seems disjointed, a series of episodes that are not well connected.

Ms. Veronika van Gelder runs a busy clinic for castration in San Francisco. Mr. Jones enters for a consult. Nurse Elaine and Nurse Maryann will attend the consultation after Mr. Jones signs the Consent Form. Very quickly, they determine that Mr. Jones has a secret wish…

Ms. Van Gelder is overcommitted. She needs a rest. She retreats to her farm to find one of her hired hands has let his fantasies run away with him.

This is really not a story at all. It might form the outline or one.

Sandra Jones brings Eric to the correction center, where Julia gets him strapped down for his examination. Life will be a lot less stressful for the couple.

Emily and Marge discuss Emily’s husband, Jim’s castration over a glass of wine.

Little Jimmy’s masturbation problem has begun to get out of hand and his mother takes her “dog” to the “vet” to get him neutered with Little Jimmy in tow.

Aunt Abigail gives Young Tommy a tour of her farm, which includes the gelding stocks. Aunt Abigail always makes her piggies squeal.

The narrator chooses Howie to be her house husband, starting with establishing her dominance over him and taking steps to erase his manhood. She then proposes marriage. Once he is serving her as her house husband, his independent streak is taken care of.

Samantha runs a ranch with ponyboys as a main feature. She uses them sexually, for oral satisfaction and hosts parties, where the servants are eunuchs (who provide sexual service for her guests). Jake has been a ponyboy on her ranch for six months and has assumed that he is entitled, due to that length of service. An assumption of entitlement doesn’t get one very far.

The narrator enters a fetish store and purchases the last remaining issue of Castratix Quarterly and takes it home. Reading through the magazine, he finds himself extremely aroused. His next copy of the magazine will be gratis.

Dorkus Malorkus (an unlikely name) narrates a story of phoning a castration clinic and being welcomed as soon as he admits having a fetish for being castrated. It seems the janitorial position has just opened.

Donna, Billy Jones’ college girlfriend, makes him call her, ‘mommy’. She encourages him to jerk off and guides his fantasies. There’s a specialist who takes care of boys who jerk off all of the time. She helped Billy’s father.

Eunuchs make excellent servants and we open this story with an auction. Lady Nuttingham introduces Sid, whose mother had him castrated and trained by the Sissy Care Camp ladies.
Sid remembers what led up to these events, living with his mother and his older sister, who teased him and made him jerk off in front of her friends.

The narrator’s wife has denied him sex in a town where jerking off is punished by castration. His wife teases him until he cannot resist.

A wifely makeover is followed by a party, where the husband is exposed to each and a suggestion is offered to take care of the husband’s needs permanently.

Pa has been caught by Ma exposing himself to Little Sis. Ma has just the tool for that.

A castratix narrates her procedure for getting piggy boys so relaxed that they are unaware of the finality of the procedure until they return home and the anesthetic has worn off.

Victoria examines a row of naked, gagged males, shackled and bent over a bench. She is to choose one for castration to be her oral slave.

When production falls off at the sperm milking farm, the bull is retired. That evening, dinner is delicious.

When a girlfriend discovers her boyfriend’s secret castration fetish, all she needs is consent.

Gloria Gelder takes on an extra-credit project for her Biology class and discovers an ancient papyrus in the special collections archive. It tells of a dark art that she makes into her passion.

Society is selectively breeding more pliable and agreeable men all the time but there are still a few holdovers. Mr. Jones is in for some serious adjustments.

Stan Jones becomes erect during a routine physical while Jane, the nurse practitioner, is examining his testicles. Jane makes an appointment for him with Dr. Brown and hands him pre-appointment instructions, which he follows. Dr. Brown practices in the field of sexual behavior management. It may turn out that the clinic’s strongest treatment alternative is required.

The life of a sperm cow is hard, they are in a tight chastity until milking time and production quotas must be met.

A sly, seductive 40-year-old picks up the old bull. She’s going to turn him into her sweet little angel forever.

A conversation between Lady A and Lady B about how Rachel made her husband into her more useful and manageable servant.

Stan stops in front of a Victorian house in San Francisco in front of a sign that reads “Certified Public Castratix” and welcomes walk-ins. Ms. Van Gelder invites him in for an explanation and demonstration.

The narrator describes how his wife increased his weight by feeding him and reducing his exercise. He stumbles on a magazine his wife has in the house called “Sissy Care,” and she discovers him jerking off to an article. His wife has been playing with him anally and, on this day, chooses to peg him. She describes her friend, Bernice’s relationship with her husband, Larry, who the narrator hasn’t seen in a while, as Bernice has transformed Larry into her house-husband. They go to a clinic, where the narrator is shown a book with photos of a number of men who have been castrated.

Aunt Abigail likes to work her farm topless. This causes David no small amount of desire and he relieves himself often. He witnesses a castration of a farm hand and, while watching relieves himself, not knowing Aunt Abigail’s nieces witness his act. They go skinny-dipping, giving David his ultimate thrill.
The author has created a world where castration of human males is frequent, painless and erotic. The end result is a “good boy,” and men are attracted to the act. For anyone into this kink, there will be a lot of grist for the mill here but I found many of the stories and many of the themes repetitive. There are farms, the creation of overweight sissies, frequent appearances by Ms. Veronica Van Gelder, visits to clinics where the final orgasm occurs before castration. There is mild humiliation.

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Victorian sissy discipline

I discovered the following image and caption on tumblr a few years ago. Unfortunately, the size of the image was so small that the caption was nearly unreadable. And I was very excited that the caption might have been an excerpt from some longer story so I bought the eBook the image was taken from. Although there is some passing mention of castration in this eBook it has nothing to do with the given caption which must have been made up by some random tumblr user.

Happily, I was able to use a larger image taken from the eBook and to produce what is given below.

And fans of petticoat discipline might enjoy the story in the eBook. It is only one in a series. Originally published in French but translated by a noted online petticoat discipline devotee, Carole Jean.