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Queen Gelda’s Ring, caption

One more from the previous post caption author.

He’ll be much happier in the long run once he’s been castrated. The chastity, milkings and the stable mistresses’ liberal use of the cane haven’t worked. We can do it now. We’ll fit him with our new device, the Queen Gelda’s Ring, it goes round the neck of the scrotum, he’ll feel 4 pricks as the internal needles inject anesthetic and healing chemicals into the flesh, and in 10 minutes you’ll have a nice calm gelding. He’ll heal perfectly, like they were never there, and the testicles will be sealed in the scrotum and be perfectly preserved, so you’ll have a nice trophy, it might help keep the rest of the males in your household on the straight and narrow….

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Agatha plus 2 captions

Here are two more captions by the same person as did the previous post.

Lady Agatha enjoys breaking in a new domestic…its only a week since the little darling was castrated……the poor lambs all go through a sulky phase, but settle down soon after, regular spankings will see to that….

Aunt Agatha will not stand for any misbehavior of her slaves, male or female….Andre here was very ill-disciplined when he first came to me, but my vet Andrea and I had a chat and decided that castration would calm him down, I still have to discipline him from time to time, but for the most part he’s an absolute darling.

captions cartoon

Sardax, Milking Time plus caption

My favorite Sardax image. The caption below is a dynamite little story that fits the image perfectly. I found it on a tumblr blog about 7 years ago. It was a spanking blog run by a British guy. I think it was called something like otkhaught. He did a couple other great castration captions as well.

Milking time!… wow, just look at those swollen testicles!… yes I know, the new electro stimulator and the new feed has increased production by an unbelievable amount… you wouldn’t think the poor darlings could make so much, we’re having to milk them twice a day… how are your five doing?… the same, its amazing, although the poor dears get worn out much quicker, two of mine are to be replaced from the new stock… I hear the vet is coming this afternoon… yes, she’s coming to take care of two of the new ones who are not docile enough for milking, and my exhausted pair… Ms. Travers has decided to have all four castrated… at least we’ll have four more geldings to help with the menial chores… right, must get back to this one or he’ll burst… I don’t want to end up over Ms. Traver’s knee again!

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Castration after care

Excellent edit/manip of a Barb O’Toole image. Barb has been around for quite a few years and has created some excellent femdom porn. I first saw her work published in “Whap!” magazine back in 1999. She’s still creating but I haven’t kept up with her. Many of her images make excellent implied-castration scenarios. I’ll be posting more of them.

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A slave’s destiny

Superb caption by NeuteringCaps. He used to have a tumblr blog but dropped out of sight a couple years ago. The best, more erotic, most fappable femdom castration porn in the last few years has been in the form of captions. And NeuteringCaps was the king. It’s incredible how much can be said, how much can be suggested with just a couple paragraphs and a well chosen image.

It’s certainly very easy to imagine this beautiful, statuesque woman to be capable of dominating men to the point of turning them into her docile eunuch slaves.