story text

A Cat and Mouse story

Some thoughts on what would be required.

Castration would have to be the focus.

The cat-like domme would have to be hunting a mousey sub-male with the intent to trap and castrate him.

The Mousey sub-male would have to be aware of such predatory dommes and what they intend to do if they catch him and which he wishes very much to avoid.

The domme would begin by catching the sub-male and then get ready to castrate when he would ‘accidently’ be allowed to escape at the last minute. Of course the escape would have been planned by the domme so that the sub-male would quickly fall into another trap. The threatened-castration/escape/recapture cycle would be repeated with the sub-male becoming increasingly frantic.

Two possible endings: 1) the sub-male becomes exhausted and realizes that castration is really what’s best for him and he gratefully submits, or 2) the domme tires of the game and could care less how he feels about it and just castrates him. Another variation would be for the domme to promise the sub-male that if he can escape one more time she will let him go but then just as he thinks he has finally escaped her clutches she traps and castrates him.

She holds his severed scrotum and testicles aloft in triumph grinning ear to ear and laughing a full, deep-throated laugh.

He cries piteously in his squeaky little mousey voice as the domme’s assistants work to stop the bleeding and close the wound.

comix story text

Erotic Archie comic book cover

And here’s a little idea in this vein I came up with a while ago that I called “Cat & Mouse”:

I’ve always been attracted to weak sissies. I knew when I met Georgie that I wanted to be his mommy and dominate him completely and take his manhood.

I didn’t waste any time. I humiliated him on our first date by making him admit he was a sissy and that he liked to masturbate a lot. Then I made him take it out and do it while I watched. When he disgraced himself and made his little cummy I knew I had him.

Sissies are very shy. If you can get them to perform their most private sexual function in front of you then they are yours to dominate and control.

I subscribe to “Sissy Care” magazine. They have many excellent articles on how to dominated your sissy and use him for your enjoyment. I’ve always taken a special interest in their articles about eunuch sissies. A eunuch sissy is the ultimate sissy. They exist solely to please their mommies and they are so much quieter and easier to manage. And taking a sissy’s manhood is the ultimate act of domination and ownership.

[ I realize there isn’t any really anything that cat-and-mousey about the above verbiage. Sorry. I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part. ]

cartoon manip

TJstill – 3 cartoon manips

better work harder – or the band stays on

rear view

desires but for something different – this took a bit of sorting as a manip. trying to show what’s running through the minds of a guy and two ladyboys with their mistress who happen to pass and exchange glances and a ‘hi’

manip photo

TJstill manips an old image

This image has been around for many years. Be nice to see the other images from this photo shoot.

TJ’s caption: “soft and useless as she wanted”

manip photo

Sissy eunuch fashions by TJstill

The second one below is a re-post from May 2021.

captions manip photo

maldaibu – landmark court case proves it’s her rules now



Be nice to see a similar one with a saggy, empty sac and the tattoo ‘Eunuch’.



His DA gallery.


galuram – prepare for matriarchy now

Love to see this manip’ed so that all their sacs are empty.

Here’s the original:


The return of Vapour42

Get it while it lasts, before the DA admins delete him. He’s only had this new account for 2 months and he’s already garnered 1.5k pageviews.