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Halloween sacrifice by bubkis69


Femme Fatale by LoubotDrawz

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Hedgar – The Usual Clinic Scenario

Furry story posted on FurAffinity: Hedgar.

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Biography of a Castratrix by SquirmEWorm

I wrote this some years ago and posted it to the Eunuch Archive where it became quite popular. In fact, when there was a catastrophic disc crash and the site had to re-built from scratch this story was one of the first to be restored by popular demand.

Unfortunately, I don’t possess a copy of it myself so I can’t post it here.

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Jilly’s Job by Kortpeel (excerpt)

I was enjoying my career as a vet even though the partners, all men, liked to keep the big animal work for themselves and I got the cats, dogs and hamsters. For a girl who’d had a long time thing about castrating males it wasn’t too bad a job. Cindy, my assistant, and I must have taken the testes out of hundreds of tom cats and quite a few dogs, as well. Still I had a longing to work on bigger animals; something about the size of a man would do nicely.

Even now, as I looked around the room all set up for Jake’s castration, the idea of what I was about to do caused a moistening in an intimate area. I decided it might be nice for Jake if Cindy and I worked nude. Instead of the biscuits that she usually dished out to those males about to be castrated, Cindy could give him a wank. If I knew Jake at all he would like that.

Cindy arrived. I briefed her on the procedure and she was happy about it. She liked the idea of working nude and giving Jake a farewell wank. In fact she was so enthusiastic and excited about the whole thing that it dawned on me that Cindy had a thing about castrating males as much as I did. Perhaps I wasn’t so unusual in this respect after all.

Jake gave me a hug when he arrived sharp on twelve. He didn’t look as happy and confident as he normally did and his expression was slightly drawn. Completely absent was that air Jake normally had of a man who is totally in control. This is an unhappy man, I thought as we led him into the living room of my flat, converted into an operating theatre.

Cindy and I were both wearing new white lab coats for the occasion. We thought it would create a professional atmosphere. We suggested that Jake empty his bladder and then come back for the preliminaries. When he did I got him to take off his shirt and I checked out his heart, took his blood pressure and checked a blood sample for cholesterol and a few other things. Both his blood pressure and cholesterol were a shade on the high side. I didn’t say anything to him about that.

“Ok Jake, you’re fine. Get your pants off.” He looked at Cindy and I realised he was a bit shy about taking off his pants with Cindy there. Cindy turned round and busied herself at the surgical tray. Jake took off his shoes and socks, dropped his pants and shorts and was completely nude. He didn’t have an erection. We’ll have to do something about that, I thought. I wanted him to enjoy this.

Actually I wanted him to go back to that bitch of an ex-wife with no balls and a happy memory of the girl he could have had. I know that’s not a very noble thought but it was a perfectly honest one.

“Hmm. A little prepping is in order.” I remarked on examining Jake’s balls. “He’s been neglecting to shave down there,” I told Cindy. “Would you prep him for me.”

Cindy attentions with shaving brush and razor on Jake’s pubes had the desired effect. He was all nice and clean and smooth down there. Cindy applied some disinfectant to the skin. I’d experimented with this. Normally disinfectant is too concentrated and stings. I tried several different dilutions to get something which would just tingle. Jake’s scrotum would be tingling nicely for the next few minutes.

“Now a couple of things, Jake. For this procedure would you mind if Cindy and I worked in the nude? It would be more comfortable us.”

“Of course I wouldn’t mind.”

At this Cindy slipped off her white coat. She was braless under it. Without any modesty whatsoever she slipped off her white satin panties exposing her neatly trimmed pubic hair to Jake’s captive gaze.

“Secondly Jake, I’m going to give you a local anesthetic. It’s very good and there’s no pain. Because it’s just a local I’m not giving you a muscle relaxant. So during the procedure I’d like to restrain you so you don’t twitch at the wrong moment.”


“Right, would you get into position please.”

Cindy helped Jake get into position. We’d improvised a stool on a table, all suitably padded for comfort. Jake had to get on the table and kneel doggy style with his knees apart, his chest resting on the stool. This presented his scrotum at just a nice working height.

As Cindy applied the restraints I removed my white coat. I’d treated myself to a new bra and panty set for the occasion with matching garter belt and stockings. I took down the half slip and noticed that I had Jake’s full attention. To remove the stockings I put one foot on a chair that happened to be placed where Jake could watch me, rolled down the stocking and hung it over the back of the chair. Same procedure with the other one.

It’s often occurred to me that undressing with a man watching is a totally different procedure from just whipping your clothes off when you’re by yourself. I was rather enjoying myself. I contrived to make a production of stripping without actually seeming to be playing up to Jake.

I noticed that Cindy had Jake fully restrained. I gave her a nod and she injected the anesthetic into Jake’s scrotum. Jake’s attention was focused on my panties coming down so he probably didn’t even feel the pricks as the needle went in, four ml on each side.

I stepped out of my panties, placed them on the chair and wasted a few moments arranging my clothes on the chair. Cindy was rubbing a finger lightly along the length of Jake’s prick.

I went around to Jake’s ‘business’ end and cupped his balls. “Now Jake, it takes a few minutes for the anesthetic to take effect.” At the same time I made two incisions in the scrotum and caused the testicles to come out and hang on their cords.

Cindy was watching intently, one hand working Jake’s prick, the other the other working her own pubic area. I understood how she felt. I knew I was very moist down there myself.

“Are you comfortable Jake?” I asked him.

“Jilly, I’ve changed my mind. I want you to marry me.”

“You can’t Jake. You’re going back to Doris.”

At this point Cindy started working Jake’s prick in earnest.

“Jilly, it’s you I love.” Jake was gasping as Cindy’s hand brought him close to his climax. It occurred to me that this was one of the more unusual proposals of marriage. “Let’s get married. We’re good for each other. We can set up home, have some kids. Make a life for ourselves. We’d be happy…”

Jake paused as Cindy got him to climax and he squirted his come under the stool his chest was resting on.

”…together.” Jake managed to complete his sentence.

“Well, if that’s what you really want, Jake but you’d have to do right by Doris first. And we can’t have children …”

I moved round to Jake’s front end and showed him the kidney shaped surgical bowl. “You don’t have any testicles.”

His balls were in the bowl.

“You’ll be much better off without those nasties,” Cindy told him.

Please note: The full story can be found on the Eunuch Archive. Also, this excerpt contains the introductory paragraph and then the last paragraphs, the climax, of the story. The omitted material describes the action leading up to the climax.


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Castration roleplay

I found the following on a site devoted to the femdom chastity fetish. Can’t find it again now or I’d post the link.

A distinct but not uncommon fantasy is emasculation and castration. In a pretend/role-play scene, there is nothing wrong at all with this. In fact, chastity, particularly long-term chastity, indefinite chastity or permanent chastity, play well with this fantasy.

Putting a man in chastity involves taking the freedom and use of his penis away from him. He can’t have sexual pleasure. He can’t touch himself. He can’t masturbate. His daily functions are affected. He has to sit down to urinate, unlike a fully functioning man. He cannot scratch himself, as a fully functioning male can (and often does). A man in chastity is no longer a fully functioning man. A wife who locks her husband in chastity effectively castrates her man.

No word has a greater effect on the male psyche as “castration”. The word ignites fear, insecurity and phenomenal nervousness for a man. It threatens his identity as a male like no other. A woman who jokingly refers to castrating her husband sends a scary and challenging message to her man. The wife who locks her husband in chastity and tells him that she is castrating him, asserts that his whole identity as a male is in her hands. For her husband, it reinforces his submission to his wife, his chastity being indefinite … maybe even permanent. His future may be as merely a doting eunuch in service to his beautiful Empress, serving to cater to her pleasures and desires.

I must admit, this fantasy turns me on incredibly. It reinforces my control in the act of locking the device on my husband. The click of that padlock becomes the sound of emasculation – the castrating snip. Sometimes I will say to my husband when I am about to lock him into his chastity device “Darling, it’s time for your castration!” or “tomorrow I will be castrating you”. His timid and resigned response to such a simple sentence of six words excites me incredibly. And I reinforce it continually after locking, referring to his castrated state, or reminding him or myself out loud in his earshot that it has been only so many days since I castrated him. Essentially it tells him that his predicament is indefinite, and subject to my decision, and there is no point in discussing release.

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“Forever Amber” by Kathleen Windsor, p. 889

Just behind her stood the newest addition to her household, a tall blonde eunuch, handsome and no more than twenty-five. He was one of the many seamen captured each year by Algerian pirates and castrated to be sold back into Europe where they were bought as household ornaments by the finest ladies.