Clam, clam, clam, bearded clam

Fuckin’ DevientArt. I’m just so sick of having all those nasty old bearded clams thrust into my face.

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Lamivex – Castratrix of Thalia Redux


Loviante – Waiting Room Amenities

Reminds me of a scene in Titian Beresford’s “Nina Foxton”. Beautiful piece of art.


DoceCarol ballbusting


The Tor Network

I never had to deal with this before. So if I think a comment is just a nasty, smart-ass wind-up I’m just going to delete it. It boggles my mind to consider what lengths people will go just to hassle and heckle other people online.

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Today’s cummy scene

“No, no, doctor! Don’t take my testicles!” he cried.

“Yes,” she said, “I’ve done it to a lot of men. I love it. And now I want to do it to you. So just lay back, spread you legs and present your scrotum. You wouldn’t have come to see me today if you didn’t want it.”

“Oh, oh, oh! I can’t help it,” he whimpered.

story text

“The Dark Lady – The Punishment Room”

“You’re probably wondering about the changes you’ve been going through,” she said. “And you probably suspect that I may have something to do with them. Well, you’re right. You have now become a ‘Pig-man’. It is the result of the practice of an occult craft and science known only to a few initiates. You have been rendered my complete slave. If you try to leave my sphere of influence you will quickly degenerate into a drooling, leering pervert that helplessly masturbates in public and will be quickly apprehended and institutionalized.”

Ronnie stared in dull, disbelieving silence. “I am fucked,” was all he could manage to think.

“You may have also wondered if the condition is permanent,” she continued with a smile. “Or maybe not, to judge from your slack-jawed stare. Anyway, there is a possible antidote that can act to reverse these changes and return you to your previous state. Unfortunately, it involves a pretty major sacrifice, the loss of your testicles.”

“But for now, you must be trained to be a good slave. And that means punishment. Please follow me.”

He followed her to a room in a part of a house he had never been before. They entered the room and he was stunned at all the instruments of BDSM bondage and torture in it. She led him to a bondage frame and told him to strip and get into it and then she strapped him down, leaving him totally immobile with his genitals very exposed and vulnerable.

“I’m not a sadist,” she said calmly. “But I do take pleasure in seeing that the points I am making are being taken as intended.” She grabbed him by the balls, squeezing hard. He howled in pain.

After torturing him for a half hour she told him she was also capable of giving intense pleasure. She then proceeded to sodomize and masturbate him until he had an ejaculation so intense he blacked out.

He was so worn out that the Dark Lady allowed him to sleep on a cot in her dingy basement that night instead of sending home to his apartment.

[ Oops. I forgot the assistants. Oh well, maybe I’ll rewrite it some other day. ]


story text

“The Dark Lady: The Transformation”

The boy’s name is Ronnie.

He begins to undergo a transformation. His erogenous zones, his lips, nipples, genitals, prostate and rectum, grow larger and are often very sensitive and swollen. He has to buy new clothes that give these parts more room and don’t rub and stimulate them as much.

Since his genitals are often engorged this has changed the way he walks, he has to walk with his legs further apart, giving him a bowlegged look.

The Dark Lady and her assistants notice these changes and smile.

Ronnie experiences mental changes as well. He becomes relieved of many of the higher functions of his mind and settles down to a state that is almost totally focused on basic bodily needs and sensations. The expression on his face changes. Instead of the shy, delicate, effeminate look he now wears a coarse, brutish, almost leering expression on his face.

His sex habits also change. When he returns to his tiny one-room efficiency apartment after work he strips off his clothes, gets into bed and starts indulging in prolonged bouts of self stimulation.

He bought a number of masturbation sleeves and learned to use them to give himself intense pleasure.

Where he had only occasionally indulged in anal stimulation this began to be a big part of his private activities. He purchased and became proficient with vibrating butt plugs and dildos.

His focus on his rectum and prostate became so great that he started wearing a butt plug while working for the Dark Lady. He also began taking breaks at work to lock himself in her dingy basement bathroom to urgently masturbate.

The Dark Lady and her assistants were not slow to notice these changes. Ronnie often experienced his most intense erections when in the presence of the Dark Lady. She called him one day to come into her office. While she was talking to him he couldn’t resist touching his erection and rubbing it a little through his pants.

The Dark Lady noticed and said that he obviously didn’t know that it was rude to touch himself in front of a lady. She said she was afraid that he was going to have to learn some discipline. He grunted and squirmed in his chair.

story text

“The Dark Lady”

An effeminate, boyish young man gets a job as an errand boy for a Dark Lady in a big Victorian mansion in a swanky part of town.

The air in the mansion is humid, sweet and musky like an expensive perfume.

The Dark Lady has two young nubile assistants, Meeny and Miney. They are all very feline. Meeny and Miney are like Siamese to the Dark Lady’s tigress. The assistants are smirky and sly and watch him out of the corner of their eyes.

The boy hears vague, muffled noises in the rooms: thumps, stirrings, low voices, but he never sees anyone come or go other than the Dark Lady and her assistants.

The Dark Lady’s attitude toward the boy is casual, neutral, businesslike. And yet he finds himself becoming more and more fascinated by her, she begins to fill his thoughts and perceptions more and more.

The boy is a virgin and has never felt anything other than his hand on his cock. He begins to have strange dreams about the Dark Lady and her assistants. They begin to intrude on his masturbation fantasies but in ways he doesn’t understand.

One day, while he is doing his work around the house a strange thing occurred.



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