Blog termination

I guess since the domain expires on the 22nd of April this blog will disappear on the 23rd.

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That’s gonna be a shame, I loved visiting your blog, thank you for your amazing work.
Any websites or blogs you could recommend us to visit instead?

Hope you still visit the Dark spot and look at my photomanips. I know some of my recent ones will appeal to your taste. Of course not all of them because we all have slightly different tastes. I will miss your great posts and also your links to other site etc where I have found many pics to play with.

Long announced but nevertheless very sad to come closer to this Blogs end.
Thank you very much for your work all the past years. Your comments and your interactions with some of the artists made your collection very special.
Going to miss you and your Blog.
All the best for you

It’s nice that it is I who is deciding to terminate and not some arbitrary little button-pushing corporate prick working at a “free” hosting service like tumblr or Blogger.

Yes, I am still working on the next eBook. I appreciate your interest very much.

And thanks for the Wayback Machine link. I have posted it for others to use.

Yes, and your little ovaries will be floating in a jar on a shelf amongst other trophies.

Your flabby uterus will hang on the wall like hunters have the heads of beasts.

This is getting tiresome, for me at least. Why don’t you run along, sonny, and mount a denial-of-service attack on a daycare center???

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