Castration group on Motherless

I’ve been browsing and collecting images from this group. They’re pretty good. I think most of them were created by a person called Attis that I’ve posted before. These images on Motherless are more sophisticated and are better at telling a story than the ones posted on my blog. Anyway, here’s the link.

There are quite a few videos as well, lots of other members and a forum. Looks like a cool little community if you’re careful. I’d welcome feedback if anyone has spent any time in the community.

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Ok, not got many, but heres my links. Some might be dead, as is the nature of such places, an i have not bothered to check any, but, they all had something to do with the subject, even if there no longer there now?
Here they are, hopefully one might be one someone didnt know about?:

[ links deleted ]

Like i say, most will probably be dead now, but, its all i have to give. Let the great search continue!

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