Bortatev backlog

Here and here are the six images I had posted previously.

I’m posting the following as a favor to Bortatev completists. There is also one image of a classroom that includes underage boys which will not be posted here.

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That nurse from the First World War is no naughty. The poor guy has already been through so much. A couple of caption ideas:

“I hope to be at his bedside when he wakes up, just to see how long it takes him to realise his balls are missing. I’ll tell him: ‘I’m sorry, but the Germans shot your bollocks off.'”

“Large testicles produce too much testosterone, which causes male aggression and war. I only wish I could have sliced these off sooner.”

“When he wakes up and sees his testes in a pickle jar, the first thing he’ll do is check his penis is still there. That’s what they all do.”

“While giving him a bed bath, I discovered the enemy combatant had unusually large testicles. My girlfriends didn’t believe me when I told them and challenged me to prove it.”

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