This blog goes dark in 2 months

Just a heads up. This blogs terminates on April 22.

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Again, it is a shame to see it go, it is the best place on the entire net to find such rarities, and such a wonderful source of information about artists i, for one, never even knew existed (or if i had there works, never actually had a name of the creator)!
I for one apprechiate all your efforts Admin. I have been around for decades, an have seen so many places come and go, unfortunatly, that is the very nature of the www, especially when dealing with our fetish! All i can say is, your site will be missed, a LOT, and ,by MANY! I really do hope to see you around, its sad to see this board go, but, i bet its helped keep our fetish alive, an has encouraged artists to create more wonderful works, as they see there actually is such a huge demand for such art to exist! Its the same for all fetishes, be it water sports, penectomy, castration, furry, feet, there are so few places around, cost, lack of numbers, targeting by witch hunters who have to hate something an find it easier to attack minorities because they are ultimatly cowards, (i’m talking about governments here as well as individuals!)….Reasons are numerous…Just know. Your site WILL be missed by those that loved it! Dont loose heart, keep being a “perv” like the rest of us lol!.
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I don’t think my site encouraged any artists to create. And the number of pageviews per day has been pretty steady at 7k-10k, not really a very huge amount. Comments have been sparse and non-silly comments fairly rare. Of course I’ll miss being a big-shot, a big boss, but I’ll get over it.

10K of visitors for a fetish like this, i think thats a lot personally! At most places you only usually see the same couple of people posting, but if 10k a day say visit this site looking for ,hoping for content, i think thats a lot for such a unique fetish. Few can admit, even to the ones they love, that they actually have this fetish, because of societies limitations to accept those not “normal”, its no wonder most are to scared to post. 10,000 a day, show, they are coming!
Giving hope to 10 thousand people world wide, daily, i think sir, you are a hero in my books! An i am guessing that number is english speaking only, the numbers that dont speak english…Well…
As for not inspiring, i beg to differ, we have Tj posting their work here, always welcome i say, and we have others wishing to write novels, an ebooks, where else would they have posted, if not here my friend? That is down to you, you inspired them to post, by giving them somewhere to post! 🙂
Again, 10,000 will miss you, daily! Not many can say that my friend! I really do wish you all the best for the future. An i for one will REALLY MISS this place!

Ps. Sites for such stuff is rare, and difficult to find, an, unfortunatly, tend to be targeted by law, and governments, to use as easy escape goats. A lot of places have died that i once visited. Eunarch Archieve, BME Magazine, GuroChan, Kathersis,, Cruella, Darkzone, the list is endless, it is a never ending search. But. For a while. This place was home. An i thank you for that, the same as i thank all the others who hosted before you… Thank you fellow fetisheist! You are ALL MISSED! 🙂

Before you go, could you please give us some advise as to where we can find this sort of content? Gurochan is shit now (possibly run by feds) and imagefap has turned into old truckers posting pics of their dicks.

Also, can you give us some advise about becoming published authors? I write stories, and I always think I should polish them off and flesh them out. Is it worth trying to get something published in a ebook? What has been your experience.

Castration content: The Dark Spot, BDSMLR, PIXIV and that Discord server I have mentioned previously. I sometimes find interesting things on DeviantArt.

Yes, it is worth polishing your prose and publishing an eBook.

Penectomy, Femcan Art post
I continued on DeviantArt, but was permanently banned.
This proclivity was not understood.

“Yes, it is worth polishing your prose and publishing an eBook.”

I know you have done that. I would like to talk to you about the “nuts”-n-bolts about doing that. The manuscript for my short story is now about 60 pages … and from a practical standpoint re content length, I don’t know if I should keep the story going, or break it up in smaller chunks for future related eBooks?

It’s a rare porn piece that can maintain tension/suspense for 60 pages. But what you have sounds like a series of episodes. So break it up. My little stories are always too short, I can never draw them out long enough to allow the reader to get really worked up for the story’s climax and hopefully the reader’s climax as well. If you have read any of Titian Bereford’s books, they are all just sequences of short episodes/scenes.

You sound like Neville M, are you?

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