Thanks to a kind blog reader I’ve learned of a great new castration artist. Below is one I love. Looks like she’s had a good day in the castration shed. He must have been a big fella.

And here’s his BDSMLR archive.

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If I understand correctly, they are AI generated images. Which begs the question, who is the artist? The person or the software? We are not going to solve this dilemma, so I propose to enjoy the beauty of the images.

Especially since they are distinguished by a subtle beauty rarely found in the mass of AI-generated garbage. I particularly like the ones on December 16 and 22.

The artist is the human agency involved in the image creation. The AI software is just another form of media, like pencils or paints.

What’s this date thing, December 16 and 22? Is that for the posting dates on BDSMLR? I see, well I like that Xmas one since I posted it subsequently. I didn’t care for the teen girl with scrotum trophies all over her walls because it was too busy, messy and implausible.

Bortatev’s BDSMLR blog was unfortunately deleted.

If you still have the remainder of his work, could you repost it on your website, please? Thanks a lot in advance.

Sorry, I didn’t download any of his other pieces than the ones I posted. Hopefully, he’ll reappear in another incarnation. Hard to believe his BDSMLR was deleted. I didn’t realize BDSMLR had any censoring limitations other than forbidding underage content. I remember one of Bortatev’s pieces having borderline underage content, maybe that was it.

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