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Erotic Archie comic book cover

And here’s a little idea in this vein I came up with a while ago that I called “Cat & Mouse”:

I’ve always been attracted to weak sissies. I knew when I met Georgie that I wanted to be his mommy and dominate him completely and take his manhood.

I didn’t waste any time. I humiliated him on our first date by making him admit he was a sissy and that he liked to masturbate a lot. Then I made him take it out and do it while I watched. When he disgraced himself and made his little cummy I knew I had him.

Sissies are very shy. If you can get them to perform their most private sexual function in front of you then they are yours to dominate and control.

I subscribe to “Sissy Care” magazine. They have many excellent articles on how to dominated your sissy and use him for your enjoyment. I’ve always taken a special interest in their articles about eunuch sissies. A eunuch sissy is the ultimate sissy. They exist solely to please their mommies and they are so much quieter and easier to manage. And taking a sissy’s manhood is the ultimate act of domination and ownership.

[ I realize there isn’t any really anything that cat-and-mousey about the above verbiage. Sorry. I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part. ]

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