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I stumbled onto this image (which I have posted before) in an old issue of Heavy Metal. I didn’t realize it was part of a promotion for the second Heavy Metal animated movie. I tried watching the movie the other day but the overall quality was so poor I gave up. Can’t help but wonder if castration really figures in the story.

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since when did the 2nd heavy metal movie have any promotional material? It had almost nothing to do with the first one, and was just a tacky sci fi themed shooter.

Lately, I’ve been slogging through the scans for all the issues up to the end of 1999 and there is plenty of promotional material included in them for the film. I agree with your assessment of the movie, utter crap. I doubt Simon Bisley contributed anything to it. He’s the guy that did drew the Amazon-with-hairy-scrotum image. I was also a little surprised to learn that HM stopped publishing in 2022. I was also surprised that they were still publishing in 2022. I hadn’t bought an issue for 20 years and I remember one of the stories being pretty explicitly pornographic.

It does play a small role in the *original* ‘Heavy Metal’ movie, at least- if only as a threat that motivates the Herculean protagonist to beat up a bunch of guards!

“Guards, castrate him!”

They do not succeed.

I’m picturing one of those guards going “Dammit, could you wait until AFTER we get a net over this bastard or something?”

That was the one drawn by Corben and voiced by John Candy. The character was called Den. Best part of that movie was Devo playing Lee Dorsey’s “Workin’ in a Coal Mine”. Pretty major disappointment back in the day.

A few years ago I was reading a first hand account of the Pizarro brothers taking over Atahualpa’s palace and Atahualpa sighing and saying that he had planned on taking the Spaniards prisoner and having them castrated and making them serve him as eunuch slaves. Pity Atahualpa’s numerous warriors didn’t have the guts and foresight to rush the Spaniards at the expense of losing their king. You can always get a new king. Too bad Atahualpa himself didn’t have the guts to order it. Ditto for Montezuma, really.

It was on of the best images i discovered back in the day, got all excited, finally tracked the film down, which was not easy, having to import it! Watched it and…..Wish i hadnt bothered! Its a terrible film, and worse yet, like has been said, nothing like the wonderful image drawn! No Amazon Goddess holding any balls at all!
Thanks for the info though, could never find any of it out, despite asking everywhere i could at the time. Thank you.

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