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“On The Table” a castration fantasy

A pretty young nurse named Jill took me to the changing room and helped me undress.

“You’re seeing Dr. Ashley today, right?” asked Jill.

“Yes”, I replied.

“You know who she is, right? What she does, what her specialty is?”

“Yes, castration. She castrates.”

“That’s right, but we also like to call it orchiectomy.”

Later, I was lying on the exam table completely covered by green cloth except for my groin area. Nurse Jill stood at my side.

I heard a door open and someone come in.

Nurse Jill greeted Dr. Ashley. “He’s all ready for you, doctor. He knows he is here to have his testicles removed, he is ready to be castrated.”

“Good,” replied Dr. Ashley as she approached the table. She then addressed me, “You should know that after I am done with you today you will no longer be male. You will be a neuter, a eunuch.”

She sat on a chair between my legs. “We will start by making a small incision in the center of the scrotum.”

A couple minutes later she said, “There, we can now get into the scrotal sac. I am going to squeeze the left testicle out of the incision.”

She went on to describe each step as she ligated the cords, then cut the cords, then sewed up the incision and applied a little surgical glue.

When she finished she got up and congratulated me on now being a eunuch.

A little while later, Jill helped me back into my clothes.

“How do you feel?” she asked mischievously. “Do you feel any different now that you have been castrated?”

She didn’t really expect an answer. She then went on to say that she looked forward to seeing me again when I came back in two weeks for my follow-up appointment.

4 replies on ““On The Table” a castration fantasy”

No fantacy! This is real. My gf is having me castrated & given estrogyn.
She demanded I accept being a eunuch wife. I was in such severe pain I agreed. I wonder what my life will be like now.

Why don’t you do a full-length write-up of your fantasy and submit it to the Eunuch Archive?
I will be deleting all comments like this from you from now on.

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