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Guys are shy

Be nice to see a similar photo with the caption: “Guys are shy after I have castrated them”.



story text

Castration teen line-up

Had a fantasy about a line-up of six teen boys to be chosen for castration. Lots of teen boys in the area are eager to be castrated so six are chosen every week for the line-up. Only one of the six boys will be chosen. The line-up is put on by the local castration clinic, all-female staff of course. The boys sit naked on chairs in a well-lit room behind a sound-proof glass wall. The chief surgical castratrix and her two assistants stand on the other side of the glass wall in a darkened room viewing the boys. The boys all have erections. On a given signal the boys know that they have to start showing how much they want to be castrated by masturbating with great devotion and eagerness for the women they know are watching. They know they should display their tight little scrotal sacs as prominently as possible to show that their balls are totally ripe and ready for the picking, so to speak. Actual orgasm and ejaculation is prohibited, however, as messy and unnecessary. If a boy cums during the line-up he is banned from ever participating again. After 15 minutes the chief castratrix makes her choice and the boy is instructed to come into the inner rooms of the clinic to receive his well-earned reward. A record is kept of the boys so that they may not be allowed to participate more often then every six months.


Clifford Neal

Can’t find much bio info about his outstanding cartoonist.

captions cartoon


Here is his DA gallery, although these images are posted anonymously on NewGrounds.



Valentine’s Gift

A special gift for your lady love: your testicles.

Reminds me of the story of the rich guy that couldn’t seem to please his wife so for their anniversary he gave her one of his testicles, bronzed, or some such. When she opened the present and realized what it was she smiled and thanked him and said she wanted the same present next year.

captions manip photo

anipit – tinyshanks (TJ manip candidate)

Here’s one I’d love to see TJ do a manip of. I see it as a young lady proudly showing off how she took her hubby’s balls.


stinkface69 – fertility center ballbusting


TJstill – 14 cartoon manips

sex for the eunuch – it’s how she always wanted it

clack clack guess what – and she can have easy access in this position

so how you going to make up for what’s missing – she has found his inabilities most frustrating so he is going to have to give her some relief

she loves it – the more he wants to have what he cannot get the more she loves it

not started yet – and he will not get any bigger because she had his balls off

does it frustrate you – before his balls were removed he would have been hard and tapping at her lips with his cock

mutual pleasure – as a follow on from the last pic this is their sex act together now….lots of tongue work

high stakes – two couples playing high stakes game. One couple has only suffered the loss of her knickers meanwhile the male of the other couple is strapped down and had one ball injected so he is having some damage

eunuch lust – it turns her on

She promised it would not need to go back on – but didn’t really explain why

no way back sweety

not bad for no balls

so much better for her

not one of the boys – no…. he is a eunuch the rest have balls but it will look pretty when they have finished

animated cartoon

funnyuncut-2 – nothing to miss

Girls can be so cruel. (Here is his DA gallery)