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Doctor Ashley Meet-up

Dr. Ashley had seen some of my blog posts about her and reached out to me by leaving her email in a comment. Of course I eagerly responded and we soon became well-acquainted.

It was obvious how much I wanted to meet her in person but I knew I would have to be patient and leave it up to her to make the first move. When she finally did mention the possibility I jumped at the chance. But I also had some fears and misgivings I needed to express. I knew it was kind of rude but I had to ask her right out that if I did travel to her clinic would she try to castrate me.

I could tell she was a little irritated but she was also very gracious and understood that my feelings were completely natural in the circumstances.

She said that the great majority of the castrations she did were purely professional and done to complete strangers she never knew before or after. But she also said that she had done a few to men she had been in a D&S relationship with. But they had all been completely consensual. She went to say that for her own part she did feel a strong desire to do these castrations but that the desire only grew in her in response to these men’s strong and deep yearning for it. In other words, she never secretly planned, or schemed or seduced a man to submit to it and she never had to work on overcoming any reluctance because all reluctance was always totally absent.

And in my case she said that she had never met a man that seemed to yearn more for castration than I did and that that had brought out the answering desire in her. And finally, she said that she thought we should just keep an open mind and just wait and see if anything develops. And, she added, she knew that being able to castrate such a prominent and well-know fetishist as myself would certainly give her a special added thrill.

We both laughed and I agreed to let the matter drop and do as she advised. We then went on to fix a firm date and I proceeded to book an Airbnb near her clinic.

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