April 22, 2024: domain expiry

The blog will disappear on that day.

30 replies on “April 22, 2024: domain expiry”

I don’t speak English so I apologize for any translation errors, don’t you think about passing on the blog to someone else to continue??

I’d rather people would start their own blog and re-post things from my old one that they like and want to share. WordPress is very easy to use and ViceTemple, my hosting service, is very good and very inexpensive.

I think it’s cool that you did this often-unappreciated project for so long. I understand how it can get to be a job, an unpaid one at that. So, thanks for running it all these years and thanks for giving notice so everyone has time to grab any of it that they want.

olá administrador e dono do site você tem Facebook Instagram whatsapp YouTube pra mim poder te adicionar na minha lista de redes sociais???

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