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Rosita Amici – castration art

Here’s a old commission she has done, but new to me. You have to subscribe to her Patreon to see the full comic. I somehow missed this when tawling through her Vicolo Geco blog. She probably doesn’t even have a Patreon account any more. They don’t approve of castration.

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Sadly, this is dated 2016, so not very new. The nice thing about her work is that she often portrays herself castrating the victims.

You’re right. I didn’t notice. I found it referred to in a fairly recent tweet on Twitter. And I’d thought I’d trawled through all the art on her Vicolo Geco blog. I don’t know how I could have missed this.

I’m a great fan of Rosita. Despite She is rough sometimes, I always find something sweet and elegant in Her drawings. Perhaps I’m wrong, but just the idea itself that the artist is a Woman make me particulary fashinated by the mood in which She represent such a weird fetish.

Not that hot for me personally but very well done. I’ve posted things from FinalFetish before. I’ve posted the link you gave. Thanks for the contribution.

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