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maldaibu – dr connie lingus sex therapist

I do apologize for the saggy tits. I do hope it isn’t too much of a turn off.

3D-art book manip photo

eBook cover with fig leaf

Thanks to the great, master-manipulator, TJ!

She loves sweet young men like this boy, and she loves to make them even sweeter, as nice, sweeet little eunuchs.

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“Castration World” eBook

I’m hoping to publish a new eBook eventually. Title: “Castration World”. I want to use a cropped version of a TJstill manip of an image by Amazon3DArt:


Here is the full version:

Probably take me months to complete the project.

It would be nice to use the whole image and just put a little fig leaf over the sweet eunuch’s altered genitals. The woman’s cigarette smoke is a little distracting but not too bad.

cartoon story

Herikberto – The Liberator

Used to jerk off to this back in 1984 when I read it in “Heavy Metal” magazine.

cartoon story

Moebius – The Bewitching Yogurt

cartoon comix

Spain Rodriguez – Mara, Mistress of the Void

Classic femdom from my youth. I used to have a large collection of Underground Comix. This page here is from Zap Comix #4, first printed in 1969 but I didn’t buy it until 1971. I was 17 years old. I’ve never been able to tell what she intends to force the guy in the harness to do. I guess it’s either to eat her ass or her poop.

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maldaibu – not so goody bag 50th birthday treat

Women can be so cruel.

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Some ball-busting images


crestmont – dryad witch – wip

cartoon comix link story

Mamabliss – The Invitation – part two

Here is a classic femcan comic story by this excellent artist. I was recently reminded of it by a guy on DA who has posted a version of  it with selected parts and omitting the speech balloons.