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NevilleM – The Convent – part 3 of 3

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I don’t know if they’re being castrated in order to enter a religious order, or the females have taken power and have convinced men to be castrated as they become of age.

It is important for all white men to be castrated in order to end the white race. Only black men will impregnate white women and the world will go black. Perfect. As it needs to be. A world of superior men.

Oh i love daz3d, so many possible scenes to be created. Castration or Penectomy scenes are so scarce (unfortunately), my thanks to NevilleM for such wonderful storied creations! Wonderful! 🙂

Yes these visual stories of castrations should be viral so more men see them & the desire to be castrated will increase until they submit to it. That moment when they feel the intense pain as they are cut off & followed by the relief that it is over. The right life for all men!

Excuse my ignorance, but is there a different source for these? Does NevilleM post directly here, or did this all come from a video or videogame?

I have posted quite a bit of his work here on this blog which you will find if you use the Search facility.
I think he may have had an account on Renderotica and I think he once had his own for-pay site at one time. There is no NevilleM currently listed as a member on Renderotica. Maybe he uses a different ID.
I haven’t spoken with him in over a year. Last I heard he was undergoing cancer therapy. I was hoping this latest post of mine would stimulate him to contact me but no luck so far.

Oh i didnt know that, i hope he is all right? I have seem NevilleM around for decades, especially when i was on Renderotica too, until they tightened up what they allowed on there, an finally turned into a pay site, after which i never bothered anymore. Hope his ok…This is why i enjoyed the post so much. I only usually have seen one off images of his works, never really a set of sequential story like images, for absolutely years! Thank you for posting them. The UK is so shit now. Sites all blocked or dead if their even slightly fetish orientated. All the 3D sharing sites been killed off. Lol at one point i had 28,000 favourites saved. Now, now i have about ten, at most, freedom to be poor has truly been killed off here in the UK. I miss the old days of the net…. Gurochan anyone? Lol…

Last time I posted his stuff was Jan. 31, 2023. The day after I made the post NevilleM sent me 780 images. These included “The Convent” and 6 different version of his “Scalpel Girls” story, some of which weren’t in a finished state. I angrily replied that I wasn’t his online posting slave. He replied saying he had to send everything he had because he was due to undergo cancer treatment. I was so disgusted that I didn’t get around to looking at the stuff until just recently.

I didn’t really like his “Scalpel Girls”. It was a long, drawn out story that included bog-standard femdom feminization that ended in a complete sex change for the male subject. I have no intention of posting any more of that.

I emailed him a couple days ago and he still hasn’t replied.

To begin with he used to send me his stories in Microsoft PowerPoint format, which was a real hassle.

As an interesting side note, he presented himself as a “human dugong”. Totemic of the walking wounded that have this fetish.

It is true, artists do sometimes have very strange, an sometimes narrow, views, i guess thats all part of what makes them so artistic i guess? An they can be really really sensitive to, any comment about something an they take it as an attack, instead of, just a personal, observation, about how, i myself, would have done something. All i do know is, if it wasnt for these fantastic people doing what they do, our fetish would be killed off in a second by the narrow minded out there, usually the same ones who preach acceptance yet act very differently indeed! I do hope he is ok though, ANY loss in this field of art, is felt incredibly by the whole fetish community!

As is how everyone that shares this fetish also has other fetishes that play a part in their own, dream, fetish. I myself, also, do not share the feminization aspect so many do, who are also interested in this scene of ours. From my perspective thats people who want to have their junk really cut off, and actually become a woman, physically. Personally, i want to keep my junk, its only the excited threat by a woman, wanting to remove it for no other reason than her own sexual pleasure, that excites me. I am a man, an always will be, lol i hope anyway? Truth fully though, i dont really care what someones own taste is, every single person is different, and to me, its the fact they, even if its a tiny part of themselves, shares my own fetish that makes places like this worth their weight in gold! Here i’m talking to someone that shares my fetish! Lol i cant imagine doing that with anyone i know that lives nearby lol! Wish i did, especially a female lol! The fact you shared info about these wonderful artists is why i mainly visit, with names comes the possibility of discovery of the new an unknown of before!
Hellbastard still is the number one artist that turns me on! Though Babel, M3, cum lol a close second!

I tried sharing this fetish with a couple people a few years ago and they were disgusted. I recently had someone on DA say that I was mentally ill to have such a fetish.

Who is M3? I believe Babel has at least one other account on Pixiv under the name of Noise. You’d have to use reverse image search of some of his older images to find it.

Anyway, I finally received an email from NevilleM and he is still active. One of the things he is working on is yet another version of “Scalpel Girls”.

I’ve asked NevilleM if he has a site of his own. You’ll have to find “Scalpel Girls” there because I’m not posting any more versions of it here.

Thank you for your reply, I have a heartfelt request.
Can you forward the images NevilleM sent you to me?

Lol had someone call me a weirdo to because i said i liked women, an am not really into men cutting, lol that was on the Eunarch Archieve of all places! As for people who call you names, when their looking at the same stuff you are, lol, well, lol, sad, just dosent feel enough does it? Like i say, its a weird ol net full of fetishes, inside fetishes, inside fetishes, lol you cant please everyone all the time, so why even bother, just be yourself, an let people be into what ever thing their into (if its harming no one, why not i say.). That way life is a lot more pleasurable my friend.
M3 yes sorry, i first found him on his own jap site decades ago, the only english characters on the site were M3, the rest all Japanese, so i tend to think of him as M3, before even Noise, or even Babel, lol sorry about that. 😉
Been around for decades, lurking most places, Sicko666, is my usual tag at most places, unless i already joined using it an forgot the bloody password so had to use another! Also mainly cause i cant be arsed trying to remember any other tags if i am honest lol.

Chun… Please, just search for them. They were on mamabliss if i remember correctly? He sells his stuff, so cant really go round posting it these days i am afraid, wish people still could live on a free net, but, unfortunately, times are now very different, mores the pitty….. Or like said before, use one of the images to do a reverse image search.

Those who enjoy this series should google “Nun of Watton”. You’ll learn of Gilbertine Watton Priory, which was a double monastery, so nuns and monks (obviously, separated). Around 1160, a young woman who never wanted to be a nun fell pregnant and was forced to name her lover.

The man was first beaten by the monks and then handed to the nuns in a weakened state. The enraged women stripped him and then forced the nun he had impregnated to castrate him. It’s not clear if she only cut off his testicles or, as NevilleM likes it, the entire package. Either way, the senior nun forced the severed genitals into his lover’s mouth.

Less credibly, the pregnant nun is claimed to have been saved by a miracle in which she was cleansed of sin and all traces of the pregnancy. But her lover had to get on with life sans testes.

NevilleM’s is probably the best work on this site, so it’s a shame you responded so cruelly when he told you he had cancer and no surprise he’s not responding to your emails.

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