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Pimpuszek “Untitled” part 3

[ This is the final part. Thanks go to Pimpuszek for the contribution! ]

That morning, male B was waiting naked on the examination chair, with mistress K standing next to him.
Doctor C entered the room and greeted mistress K warmly, kissing her on the cheek.
She turned to male B and her attention was immediately turned to his large testicles.
“I have never seen testicles grown to this size by our supplements before” she exclaimed, while she moved his penis aside to get a full look on them.
“Well then, let’s get started with the examination as we discussed earlier, could you help me strap him to the chair please?”
Male B looked worried at his mistress.
“It’s OK male B, you want to get off the supplements right? Then I recommend you to follow her orders and behave like a good male”
Doctor C started to measure his balls and flaccid penis, writing them down and comparing them to the numbers Mistress K provided, dating from before the supplement program.
Next, with a few elegant touches of his penis, blowing some air lightly over the tip, she was able to get him rock hard, so she could get the last few measurements.
“Wow, is this true? his erect penis used to be 12 inches? Now it’s only 2 inches!”
Male B started to blush.
“Yes it’s true, he used to be hung. In the beginning we had sex from time to time, as I just couldn’t resist the temptation to ride it.
But it caused a lot of tension with the other males at the farm. Now that he shrank so much, I just treat him like the other milk-males, and it’s really for the best for everyone.”
“Yeah, I hear that from other farmers too, a small penis makes milk-males know their place,” the doctor replied.
“OK, let’s check how sensitives his balls are,” the doctor continued with a big smile.
Doctor C applied a series of devices to his testicles, for which each male B had to give a score in painfulness.
He withstood them all bravely, hoping he could stop taking the supplements.
“All right, I got everything checked here, then we get to the last step of our appointment.” doctor C said.
Mistress K turned to her male: “I guess I can tell you the good news now, I will be taking you off your supplements.”
“Oh, thank you, M..”
“But” she interrupted, “I have got bad news too…” while looking straight into his eyes.
“You know, doctor C was actually shocked to hear her supplements might be causing men to completely stop ejaculating. She really wants to get to the bottom of this, so she asked permission to remove your testicles to analyse them further in the lab”
“WHAT! NO!” he shouted.
“Calm down B, don’t you see? My entire farm might be at risk here, we need to find out what caused it” she said, worried.
“Please no, mistress!”
“Look, I’ve already got you strapped down, doctor C has her tools ready, I’m not gonna change my mind,” K said as she broke eye contact with him.
“Doctor C, I also grant you permission to cut off his balls without anaesthetics, as I understand this might interfere with the research you will be doing on them”
“Thank you so much mistress K, I’ll get right onto it then”
Doctor C turned to male B: “OK mister, you don’t have to worry, for the development of our supplements I have snipped maybe a hundred men, so it will be over before you know it”
With careful precision, she sliced open his sack.
“I will start with your left testicle, one swift slice here.”
Male B screamed in agony.
“Please mistress, make her stop!” he begged.
“Common B,” K told him, “just woman up, just one more to go.”
Doctor C noticed she got some blood on her neck and cleavage. “Better clean that up,” she said, as she grabbed a tissue and wiped her boobs.
It was enough to distract male B allowing the doctor to continue.
She carefully placed his left testicle with both hands in a tray, “That’s one heavy bastard”.
Then both women noticed the boner male B grew, much to their amusement.
“Well, at least it’s staying out of the way now. OK get ready: 1,2,3 and slice”.
Again, male B screamed his lungs out.
“Perfect, that leaves us only to sew him up and we are done here,” she said, as she put the right testicle on the tray.
Tears were running from his eyes while looking at his empty sack being closed up again, while mistress K was looking with at him with a light smirk.
“One more question though, could you take a photo of me holding his testicles, while I pose next to him?” doctor C asked.
“I have this Instagram account where I share my stories as a scientist, and I’m sure my followers are gonna love this”.
“Sure! But only if you take me one too!”
After they got their shots and had plenty of laughs, they untied male B and helped him off the chair.
As B and C walked to the door, she slapped him on the butt, telling him: “Now you can finally get off those supplements! Not sure your dick will stop shrinking now though…”

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I hope you enjoyed all the parts. I was thinking you could give the story line the title “Blue Bull”.
I am thinking I might still write a one part sequel to it later this week. Still all those other milk males left at the farm!

I enjoyed the whole story although it is a fairly well-worn theme. The only part I couldn’t get into was the cutting without anesthetic. But by all means, please continue!

A nice story. I love how mistress K said “Woman up”. Small remarks like this really make the atmosphere for those stories.

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