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Pimpuszek “Untitled” story part 2

[ Made a few changes to the original. Hope the author doesn’t mind. ]

Male B was lying naked on his back in the hay, when Mistress K arrived, dressed in a classic cowgirl outfit, and went to sit next to him.
She put her hand on his chest. “Hi B, so I heard from miss M that you weren’t able to ejaculate a single time today” she told him, while she slowly stroked down his belly.
“This is really unacceptable, you know, I am under a lot of pressure from Blue Bull, who have been complaining about us not delivering the agreed quantities for several weeks already.”
She slowly moved her hand over his dick, continuing to his huge balls.
“How is this possible?” she asked.
“My balls have been aching a lot lately, and my penis is getting so small” he replied uneasily.
“Oh, so this is what it is about?” she said with a stern voice, “you want to get off your supplements, to keep your dick from shrinking!” while she grabbed one of his huge testicles and squeezed lightly.
“No, that’s not true” he moaned.
“I can’t believe you are abusing the situation our farm is in, just to keep your silly wiener from shrinking!” she said, taking hold of the mini-peeny.
“You know what, I will jerk you off now, and you’d better shoot a proper load, because this is not how I expect my men to behave at my farm!”
Knowing her male B like the back of her hand, she tried jerking him with masterly skills, but without success.
Frustrated, she slapped his balls hard.
“Fine, I’ll schedule an appointment with the doctor C, she is involved in the development program of the food supplements, I’m sure she will be interested in the problem you are having here.”
She stood up and left the stable, shaking her head in disbelief.

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No problem with that small change, an extra squeeze of this testicle instead of his dick made sense there.

I hope the last part isn’t too long, if you do think so, no problem in shortening it, or splitting it into two parts.

[ text deleted ]

Re: part 2: I mis-read what you wrote, I thought you were referring to his testicle when apparently you were referring to his mini-peeny. I changed it to be that.

Part 3 is not too long for a single post.

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