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Pimpuszek story

[ Pimpuszek seems to mean pimps in Hungarian. Anyway, I like this story quite a bit and hope Pimpuszek will continue it. ]

Mistress K has been running her farm for over 5 years now, deep in a rural area, somewhere east in Poland.
From the beginning, it was no ordinary farm, but specialized in the milking of men.
She started the farm shortly after the energy drink “Blue Bull” got popular and the company was in urgent need of discreet suppliers of the “secret ingredient”.
Mistress K started her career in the medical sector and back then built up a network of therapists who dealt with men having masturbation addictions.
After being contacted by Blue Bull, she decided to start a farm where men, whose addictions were deemed “uncurable”, could go live, with their addiction taken care of.
Initially, those men were very happy there, offering themselves to be milked at the machine whenever they felt horny.
Mistress K knew them all by name, and to check on their health, she would regularly milk each man by hand.
However, with the growing popularity of Blue Bull, the demand for semen just kept increasing, so she had to take measures to increase the production.
She introduced a more intense schedule, meaning the men had to be milked, even when they were not horny.
She also added special food supplements to increase the volume of each ejaculation.
A side effect of those supplements was that their testicles slowly started to grow over time, but this didn’t seem to bother most males that much, on the contrary.
However, their penis would start to shrink as well, something Mistress K would try to downplay by pointing out it simply looks smaller because their testicles got bigger.
One of the men, male B, was one of Mistress K’s favorites, with a thick long dick when he entered the farm, producing the biggest volumes on a daily basis.
But side effects the food supplements were the strongest on him, his dick shrank to just 2 inches hard, while his balls got to the size of coconuts.
Later his semen supply started to decrease, to the point he couldn’t ejaculate for a full day.
That evening Mistress K went to visit male B at his stable to have a talk about it.

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