noise (lesion949)

Very prolific artist. His castration-related art can be a chore to find because it only makes up a small proportion of his art.

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Is it a Babel drawing? Babel is one of my MV artist together with Sorenuts and Rosita Amici (I do love her castration drawings). Thanks for finding. It’s soooo hot!

I’ve never heard of an artist named Babel. I’ve been familiar with the artist in this post for a few years and his name has always been Noise. I’ve posted a number of his images. Use the search function to see more.

That indeed looks like an edited version of a drawing by Babel:
There used to be free art on this webpage, but it appears people were posting it without crediting the author, so Babel moved to Pixiv and Patreon.
Never heard of that artist being called “Noise”.

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