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“You Bet Your Balls!” TV game show

Contestants compete against each other passing various tests and completing various tasks of strength, speed, knowledge, intelligence and luck. The contestant with the most points at the end of the show wins a large cash prize. The other contestants are all scheduled for castration. A smaller prize is given to the biggest ‘castration slut’: the castrations are video taped and the contestant that moans and whimpers on the operating table, begging the sexy lady surgeon to castrate him is the winner in this category.

A special year-end show takes place that invites the biggest winners of the year back for a chance to win a super big jackpot. All contestants are interviewed before and after. Interview pairs showing the most dramatic contrast between a losing contestant’s high hopes before the show and his bitter regret after castration are selected for an epilogue to be played for laughs and the contestant is given a small consolation prize.

The show’s host is a eunuch and his lovely co-host is his dominant wife who had him castrated. They’re both all smiles.

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I want to play in this contest… I’m just afraid of winning… Is it okay to cheat a little to only be second?

The ice cold frigid dominate woman emasculates you just as if you were castrated. She smiles, you cower with you head down.

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