Animal sadists

My recent dog castration video post has attracted some animal sadists. Unavoidable, I suppose. Still, it makes me look forward to ending this blog next April and I’ll never have to deal with them again.

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Because castration will fix you and this is your deep wish baby….you don’t need to cry …. you will be feminized and humiliated by my sweet feminine hands baby 😉

Traurig,wenn Sexualität/Fetisch solche Ausmaße annimmt.(Tiersadisten,Kindesmissbrauch)
Oder verstehe ich Euren Dialog oben falsch?
Ich habe auch eine weitreichende sexuelle Fantasie,aber die hat ihre vernünftige Grenze!

Baby I love your site and I love your stories and pictures. The vet thing is my job and I do it for animals who need help. Don’t get angry with me….
No crying on the castration table baby 😉

Dont get upset, trolls are a reality, they always have been, always will be, so are extremofiles of every taste an shape. The best advice i can give is, The only person anyone truelly has any sort of control over, is, oneself. If someones into something your not, just let them be, an move on. An trolls, trolls get off on confrontation, control of someone elses emotions, they say things, not because they beleive in them, just to cause distress to others because they cant distress those people who are in real life distressing them. Once you understand, these people are themselves, powerless victims, lashing out in pain of their own inadequacies. You begin to feel sorrow for them, not anger, pity not despisement. Advice i think is true. The only person you truely have any sort of control over, is oneself. ALL other forms of control over others, is illusionary, so why even try to bother? Respect yourself, stay true to ones soul. An nothing else really matters in the long run. You have a fantastic board! The trolls are a true sign of that! Trolls dont frequent boring, low visited, vanilla places, lol if you have trolls, your’ve made it into a place to be at my friend! 🙂

When you say that you are going to end this blog next April, does that mean it will be gone completely, or just that you won’t post anything more? Will it still be online?

@admin Well thank you for this amazing blog you’ve been keeping up for the last several years and the service you’ve been thanklessly providing to all us out here in castration fetish land. You will be missed!

Thank you. I’m glad to be of service to my fellow castration fetishists. I hope I’ve inspired many gushingly intense ejaculations as my readers imagined themselves losing their manhood.

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