peterloch – valensis day

Because they’ve been ‘fixed’.

story text

“Oh, Doctor!”

My sexy young female GP was examining my testicles for lumps as part of a routine exam.

“Do you know what an orchiectomy is?” she asked casually.

“Yes”, I replied.

“A lot of men are having it done. I think you are someone that could benefit from it”.

“Really? OK.”

“In fact,” she said as she continued to roll my balls between her fingers, “I recently took a short medical training course to learn how to perform them”.

“Wow. Have you had a chance to use your training yet?”

“Oh yes, I’ve done about a dozen. It’s very simple and straightforward”.

She was still rolling my balls and I was beginning to get an erection. She noticed and smiled.

“I’ll think about it,” I said.

“Why not do it now?” she asked. “I don’t have another appointment scheduled for over an hour”.

“Well, this is kind of sudden”, I sputtered.

I was fully erect now and leaking precum.

“Just look at your cock,” she said, “you’re obviously interested”.

“Well, if you really think I ought to…”

“Yes, now go ahead and lie back on my exam table and I’ll get the anesthetic”.

A few minutes later she said, “OK, I’m making the incision in your scrotum.”

I moaned.

“I’m squeezing your left testicle out of the incision”.

“Oh, doctor”, I moaned, “oh, oh, what are you doing to me??”

She purred and said, “I’m ligating the blood vessels”.

And then, “I’m snipping the chord and removing the testicle.”

I was delirious.

After it was over all over and I was getting dressed she said with a coy smile, “I bet your weren’t expecting to be made into a eunuch today”.

I was a little shaky, “No, no, you’re, you’re right.”

She chuckled. “Don’t worry, you’ll soon get used to it. I knew when I first met you you’d make a perfect eunuch”.

She gave me a playful pat on the bottom and told me make a follow up appointment on my way out.


kepler223 – there is a new sheriff in town

She likes to go half-naked when she’s going to do some gelding of livestock and unruly ranch hands. She likes to finger her clit while she’s gelding. Gelded ranch hands tend to be a little sluggish so she’s always hiring replacements.

It’s simply amazing the effects they can realize with the new 3D rendering software. So realistic.

3D-art captions

lamivex – the borlwag

His DeviantArt gallery.


Castration nurse

She never wears panties when she does a castration.

cartoon comix story

Harold Bear – the special meat – 7-10

manip photo


He’s just turned 18 and they’re discussing his upcoming castration



Wait till he finds out she’s going to have him neutered.



Another candidate for TJstill to convert the guy on the right to a eunuch.


Sephiro777 – Commission for SaggyJockHuevos