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“Club Sachet”, a missing scene

I posted an excerpt from this story two years ago. It is one of my favorite castration fantasies. But I have since fantasized about a scene missing from it.

In the story, Suzy is a college boy forced into becoming a feminized sissy. As a further part of his feminization, the school doctor, Dr. Amelia Brown, recommends that Suzy be castrated by her good friend, Dr. Lilly Chang, who does these sessions and procedures all the time. Dr. Brown tells Suzy the castration will “lower your testosterone level and really help your demure attitude.” Suzy sniffles a little and has some misgivings but agrees to be castrated without putting up much of a fight.

The scene I wish had been included takes place after Suzy’s visit to Dr. Chang’s clinic. Dr. Brown calls Suzy back for a follow-up checkup. Dr. Brown and her nurse, Diane Strong, have Suzy get naked and lay on an exam table so that they can examine her newly modified genital area. They carefully examine it and feel it and talk about how good it looks and about what a good job Dr. Chang always does when she castrates a sissy.

Another scene I wish hade been elaborated more is when nurse Strong milks sissy Candy. I have masturbated and even ejaculated many times thinking of Diane Strong finger fucking Candy with one hand while gently holding his swollen cock between thumb and fingertips with the other, watching with delight Candy’s swooning, eye-rolling, moaning responses. It is an activity Diane Strong loves to perform on sissies and she has done it many times.

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