Pre-castration shaving

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Nicely done. I use hair removal cream myself. I find that a hairless scrotum does cause my testicles to overheat, especially at night. I’ve taken to placing them in a cup of cold water from time to time.

It’s a very nice and professional job… Shaving should be done before castration even if the man has regular intimate waxing, like me.

When I was much younger I had a Japanese gitlfriend who shaved my balls once in while with one of those straight razors. She got wet seeing how hard I got when the razor touched my balls. She also taught me how to pull my balls back in my body and how to come when beating my balls. She also had a trick to handle my balls in such a painful way I passed out. She also could grab and hold my cock with her pussy. After a while I could come instantly when she ordered me too, sometimes right there in a store or when her female friends were over. Never felt more alive. It’s a dear and wonderful memory.

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