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The great sissy harvest

A new Big Mama castratrix sets up shop in the town.

All the sissies began to drift in and flit to the little clinic building, magnetically drawn to it from all over the city. They crowd the outside of the building, pressing their faces against the windows and glass doors murmuring, “Do me”, “Take me”, “Me next”. All are anxious for relief from the curse of maleness.

But the Big Mama is in no hurry. She takes her time with each sissy making sure they will be happy and healthy after they leave. For her it is not a job but a special mission of love. She loves all the sissies and she loves taking their maleness.

The powerful influence the Big Mama radiates is so great that many seemingly normal men become transformed into soft, weak sissies begging and murmuring in the cluster around the clinic.

Each sissy takes his turn and lies naked on the snipping table gazing upwards at the Big Mama with great love and gratitude, knowing that soon the little male eggs between his legs will be removed forever.

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That’s a perfect gem of a story. I especially love this one’s take on the castatrix as loving and caring – different from the more common (and of course always arousing) theme of the powerful and/or cruel femdom taking the little make eggs by force and reveling in the male’s distress. The image of them all outside, noses pressed against the glass, all so eager – wow.

Thanks, Kendra. It’s a sweet love with a cruel edge. I was afraid some might be offended that I portrayed them kind of like zombies.

I suppose I could extend it by focusing on one guy that seems outwardly to be a normal non-sissy. He could be surprised and a little disgusted at the clustering sissies to begin with as he passes them on the way to work but then he begins to have strange dreams at night…

Could re-name it “The Great Sissy Plague”. The Big Mama comes to a town and she turns half the male population into sissies and then castrates them. I haven’t done much with magic but why not. One transformation in particular appeals to me. A real big, muscled, tattooed, macho biker guy hears about Big Mama and thinks he can stand up to her. He confronts her at her clinic and she greets him and gently shakes his hand and, to his horror, he shrivels down into a soft, weak sissy. She wastes no time in leading him into her snipping parlor.

Has a very Stephen King-like feel. Immediately put me in mind of “Needful Things” at a high level. Big Mama knows what males really need – and gives it to them.

I was reaching for a more Franz Kafka effect, ha ha.
I looked up “Needful Things” on Wikipedia and can’t really see the similarity.

Even the most burly of men succumb to Big Mama’s female charm. She takes what she wants, but in a loving way.

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