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ABDL + Femcan

Here is an old story idea.

An affluent woman gets tired of her kinky husband’s continual nagging about indulging his ABDL fetish. So she decides to permanently commit him to an ABDL-world clinic.

He is delighted at first. But after a while he starts to get bored and restless so his nursery ladies drug his baby food and formula to pacify him. He becomes more and more pudgy and infantalized.

To make him even more manageable he is castrated. He becomes totally helpless. He is moved to the special ‘terminal’ nursery where he is coddled and caressed and fed fattening foods. He experiences life as floating in a warm, soft, fluffy, gauzy pink cloud.

He doesn’t realize that evil lesbians have pre-ordered him to be served at a special banquet. One day, without warning, his nursery ladies give him a special injection and everything goes black.

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A true “be careful what you wish for, you might get it” theme. I definitely have days where experiencing life as a warm, soft, fluffy pink cloud – even one floating towards the end – sounds appealing….

I love the irony that the poor dolt enters the final phase of his life in a “soft, fluffy, gauzy pink cloud” – and then gets slaughtered, butchered, cooked, eaten and digested by femcans before taking his final form – several huge piles of steaming turds in various toilets!

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