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A joke turns sour

Anne, a lady plastic surgeon, goes out for dinner and drinks with her new friends, Kristi and Brad, who are romantically involved.

Over drinks, Anne reveals her profession and the surgical procedure she most frequently performs: orchiectomy. Kristi jokes that Brad might benefit from that and Anne jokes that they should come for a consultation at her clinic.

They decide that there is no time like the present so they get in their cars and drive to Anne’s clinic which is dark and closed up for the night.

Anne lets them in and takes them to her exam/procedure room and tells Brad to take off his pants and get up on her exam/procedure table so she can give him an exam.

While she is inspecting Brad’s scrotum and testicles and talking about all the men she has performed orchiectomies on he becomes unexpectedly and almost violently aroused. He squirms, moans, shudders and shakes and his penis becomes burstingly erect. The women try to calm him but he gabs his penis and begins masturbating with great urgency and soon sprays his entire front with semen, saturating his clothing. He lies in a semi-conscious state. He has just masturbated and ejaculated in front of a respected medical professional that he has only recently met.

Anne stands back away from the table and eyes her new friends coldly. She says, “I think you two had better leave.” This unfortunate incident marked the end of their new friendship.


2 replies on “A joke turns sour”

The budding friendship perhaps has gone awry – but perhaps something of a professional connection might remain? Kristi might be even more convinced that Brad needs some very particular treatment. (FWIW, all my sympathies lie with poor Brad; I’d have been no better behaved under the circumstances.)

Yes, I guess there could be a follow on where Kristi patches things up with Anne and they discuss the possibility of ‘helping’ Brad with his sex drive. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time Anne had leant such assistance to a female friend. Kristi would have to tease Brad about it first, work him into a lather.

This also makes me think of the idea of a small social group of suburban eunuch house husbands. The wives all know each other and only allow their neutered husbands to associate with each other. Poker nights, cocktail parties, backyard barbecues, all with eunuch husbands. The Stepford Eunuchs??

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