The Tor Network

I never had to deal with this before. So if I think a comment is just a nasty, smart-ass wind-up I’m just going to delete it. It boggles my mind to consider what lengths people will go just to hassle and heckle other people online.

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No good reason at all for people of good will to access your site through Tor. I so regret that anyone foolishly chooses to hassle you. What is gained? SMH.

I actually completed a masters degree in Computer Science in ’83 and a couple companies actually paid me to try and program their computers for a while until I gave it up. Anyway, I haven’t made any effort to keep up with technology. I only learned of Azure just the other day. And I had hardly any awareness of Tor. Back in the early days, there was a site in Finland called that people used to disguise their identity. And I got 10 comments today that looked like someone was trying to put code in my comments and hack my site. I’m not sure.

No expert, but used Tor a bit in the past. If something was put up with ” .onion ” then a million digits an letters after it, its just a Tor address on the deep web, you need Tor onion browser to access it.

As for script junkies, every site gets them, people probing, attempting to gain access to sites, mainly just seeing if they can? Its just part of online life i am afraid. An especially adult ” extreme ” sites like this. Authorities will attempt to hack, crack, bring down the place because of right wing misplaced beleifs, want to watch for who visits so they know where the “devients live”, hence people trying to use Tor to try aviod such arseholes i am guessing? Hackers will attempt because they know authorities wont care if they practice on the sites unlike if it was a million pound company owned place, saves them the effort destroying it themselves. Of course you are more of an expert than i am , just please, dont take it personally, the people that care, people like me who respond, this is just what every site has to poke up with. Lol used to be a visiting member of a hacking site a long long time ago myself, an even they used to get people trying to hack them! Might not even be targeted, a robot hack, attempting to gain access to a million sites a day with scripts.

Ps. i am not that person anymore, its decades ago in my past, as a stupid kid, did a lot of stupid things, eventually paid the price for it. NEVER going there again! Just, thought my experience might help relax admin, this stuff goes on every site, most of the time its not even someone doing it but its automated. An authorities hack, track, trace, every site these days, automatically. So not surprised Tor access attempts are growing, might be malisious attempts, some probably are, but more likely just people using Tor cause sick of the police states we all live in now.

I had an epic dream just now, riding a city bus through the snow and slush with a middle-aged woman I was cheating on my wife with. We were headed for the Steppenwolf stop but I didn’t have enough money for the fare. We were the only passengers. There was a strange ATM at Steppenwolf, but I managed to get money out of it for the bus driver. My date thought the little motel we’d booked was kind of ‘square’ but we went on in. There were big dust kitties on the carpeted stairs. The room had a mirrored ceiling, maybe mirrored walls as well. I had called in sick to work that morning so I could spend time with this lady. She met my mom before we left together. We spend hours watching crappy TV, documentaries and stuff, instead of jumping straight into bed. I had eaten a small chocolate cookie before bedtime. I find that eating a sweet before bed helps me remember by dreams. Steppenwolf, NJ or NY, I think it was. It was like that old movie, “The Tiger Makes Out”. My mom caught me talking to dirty to my date. That got a laugh from the audience. Mom was hanging her head out of a small, bright orange car, like a new model VW Bug. Mom was smiling and looked really happy. There was a slim young Black woman inside the bank at Steppenwolf. The bank had just closed but I tried the door anyway. The Black woman shook her head and indicated where the outside ATM was. The front street-facing wall of the bank was all glass. One had to walk up a few stairs to get in, it wasn’t street-level. It was an old beat-up street in an old suburban bedroom town.

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