story text

“The Dark Lady”

An effeminate, boyish young man gets a job as an errand boy for a Dark Lady in a big Victorian mansion in a swanky part of town.

The air in the mansion is humid, sweet and musky like an expensive perfume.

The Dark Lady has two young nubile assistants, Meeny and Miney. They are all very feline. Meeny and Miney are like Siamese to the Dark Lady’s tigress. The assistants are smirky and sly and watch him out of the corner of their eyes.

The boy hears vague, muffled noises in the rooms: thumps, stirrings, low voices, but he never sees anyone come or go other than the Dark Lady and her assistants.

The Dark Lady’s attitude toward the boy is casual, neutral, businesslike. And yet he finds himself becoming more and more fascinated by her, she begins to fill his thoughts and perceptions more and more.

The boy is a virgin and has never felt anything other than his hand on his cock. He begins to have strange dreams about the Dark Lady and her assistants. They begin to intrude on his masturbation fantasies but in ways he doesn’t understand.

One day, while he is doing his work around the house a strange thing occurred.


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