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No-nuts Club story outline

Femdom castration blog admin goes for routine exam with kink-aware lady GP.

Subject of castration comes up and GP admits she belongs to a femdom castration themed ladies club.

Blog admin admits he runs a femdom castration blog. GP invites admin to attend a meeting of the club.

At the meeting the ladies fawn over admin.

The GP admits she had her husband castrated as does another member.

The ladies discuss the possibility of establishing an annual No-Nuts nudist camp.

The ladies ask to inspect admin’s testicles.

The ladies give admin permission to masturbate while they fondle his testicles.

The ladies declare their ardent desire to see admin castrated. Admin ejaculates.

Much later, GP phones admin to offer him a mock castration roleplay event with all the ladies of the club participating.

Admin agrees and the castration ends up being real after all. Admin passes out.

Admin wakes up to GP sitting by his bed. She laughs and gloats at his gullibility.

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No nut festival invitation:
This summer the no-nut club will organize its very first annual festival! Are you a eunuch and do you like to be around during strong independent women and share your experiences with them? Then this is the festival for you! Are you still burdened with your two testicles, but considering the eunuch life style? Keep reading because the no-nut club is giving away one golden ticket for you! Tell us why you deserve it and maybe we will choose you! Be aware that you will be required to wear a chastity device during the entire festival.

Nice draft, thank you for sharing! Will you write something about where you attend the festival?

My god that is fantastic. I endlessly admire your mind and ability to put the ideas in writing. Aunt Cassie could easily have a second 35 stories volume…

Well I make daily offerings to the Castatrix Goddess that she will bestow the ambition on you…your work is wondrous.

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