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No-nuts Club intro

Routine exam with kink-aware lady GP. She’s 35, attractive. I’m naked.

I’m still naked at the end of the exam and we chat. The GP reveals she has recently joined an informal club with eight other ladies dedicated to femdom castration. Meets bi-weekly. They call it the “No-nuts Club”. I laugh and confess I run a castration blog. She is flabbergasted at the coincidence. She says her club had just discussed my blog at length during the previous meeting. She can’t believe that she is talking to the mysterious Squirm E. Worm, the admin of the famous castration blog. And I’m equally surprised at the coincidence and gratified at her praise.

She insists that I agree to attend the next meeting of the group. As I stand to get dressed she tells me that two of the club ladies have eunuchs as partners. This makes my cock surge and start to erect in her face. The GP laughs and playfully slaps it away. I finish dressing and leave the exam in a tizzy.

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