story text

Kink-aware clinic

Story idea:
A clinic specializing in serving the D/S community. Not gender affirming but submission affirming. The domme and her sub are interviewed in order to validate the request for castration.

Although an orchiectomy is performed, the terms castration, neutering and fixing are also used to enhance the kinkiness.

The domme is given the option of cutting the cords herself. A videotape of the procedure provided. The sub’s testicles are cleaned up and encased in a clear-plastic cube to serve as a memento.

Discounts are available for dommes that bring in repeat business.

Cries and whimpers are expected during the procedure. They are analogous to the noises a straight or queer bottom makes when being fucked. The sub may also sob quietly at the completion of the procedure, from the intensity of the experience and from a realization of the magnitude and permanence of his loss.

None of these ideas are at all novel. They’re totally standard.

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A videotape would be nice, but I would invite a professional photographer to capture those special moments: cutting the cords, taking them out, my domme holding them in the air as a trophy, the emotions on my face and hers, a group photo at the end,…
It would make a nice photo album my Domme shows to visitors every chance she gets.

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