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The No-nuts Nudist camp

I had an idea for a story about a suburban club of dominant women called the “No-nuts Club”. One of the club’s projects is organizing an annual ‘No-nuts nudist camp’ located in a secluded tropical location. Eunuchs are invited via advertisements on sex sites and publications. The ladies of the club love being at a sun-and-fun leisure place with so many eunuchs. The ladies love to see so many men walking around with their empty sacs dangling beneath their limp and shrunken peenies. The ladies also love to have casual conversations with eunuchs where they ask them how they like being castrated and how they came to be castrated.

Another part of the story would be about how the ladies invite the admin of a famous femdom castration site to attend one of their meetings.

I have a rough draft written but don’t have plans to finish it.

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Nice story idea! I imagine during the camp a king is elected by the women and a queen by the eunuchs. The queen gets to fuck the king with a live audience, after which he is rewarded with a pair golden prosthetic balls, placed into his empty sack by the hot doctor of the club.

I hope at some point you get the inspiration to finish it, it is such a great idea. While my usual “thing” is dominant women, sometimes the idea of perfectly ordinary women, like you might meet in ordinary, regular life, being into castrating men is a super turn-on…probably because it’s so unexpected?

I have…with dismal results. I can spin out all manner of castration and chastity fantasies in my head but am hopelessly unable to transfer them to prose. I wish it were otherwise.

I think there are ordinary-woman stories to be found on the Eunuch Archive and I think Violet Reigns has written some like that in their eBoook story collections available on Amazon Kindle.

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