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Serial domme

Had a fantasy about a dominant lady where she talks about her domination habits.

She takes on a new submissive, or sub, every year or so. She tells the sub right from the outset that her domination is always a total one which will ultimately require that the sub be ‘fixed’. She likes to say fixed because she views her subs as servile dogs. For her there is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than having a sub surrender to this ultimate submission.

Of course, she has the procedure carried out by a qualified female surgeon.

She keeps the new eunuch around for a couple months so she can gloat over how they are experiencing their new sexless life. She also likes to show them off to her lady friends. Then she dismisses them and begins to look for a new sub.

I realize this doesn’t really cover much new ground. The key new items for me are when she tells the sub it is time to have them fixed and the declaration about how satisfying and fulfilling this act is for her.

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I agree with the elements you find strongly appealing – but also the idea of using and discarding…further humiliation in that “tired of you, bored of you, yawn” attitude – thrilling.

Well, in this story scenario here the idea was that the sub was briefed on the whole progression right from the outset. It wasn’t that the domme was bored just that it was her habit to dominate, castrate and then move on to the next. The domme and the eunuchs she has made might well stay friends and still see each other socially. In fact, I’m sure she would enjoy that.

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