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C-chamber: medical image from the UK

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And again you’re being a dick to everyone! Good thing you’re not the moderator of a server. They’d be no one in the fucking server!

hello joachim says the young doctor to me. She opens her folder and says: So you’re going to have an orchiectomy, and she smiles. you know what that means, she asks a little cheekily.
Yes, I think so, I answer a little shyly. to put it in an understandable way, she goes on to say, your testicles will be removed soon! Before that, I’ll take a semen sample from you, and you’ll get electrostimulation. after castration your lipido will be gone and you will always have a limp penis.
what do you think, do we want to start the procedure?
Yes, well, I answer, as far as I’m concerned, you can get started.
the doctor smiles and says: well, then lie down here on the operating table.
I’m fixed, an op nurse comes along and the op begins.

thanks for approving my little story.
I am very pleased.
Of course I will use this character ( “” ) in the future.
Kind regards, Joachim

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