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This person is entering into fantasy land with this series. The ones with the severed testicles are dubious, don’t look human. The picture of the doctor with the mask and the scissors looks fake. There is one elastrator image in their gallery that looks like it is a still taken from a fetish film. Pretty cheesy. Anyway, here’s their DeviantArt page. I appreciate that they are trying to stoke people’s castration fetish but I had respected them for using only content they had created themselves, this really kind of cheapens it.

In their comments they also make out that an elastrator is really being used to castrate which is highly unlikely.

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Thanks for sharing the stills and the link. I am inclined to agree with your overall assessment – but also appreciate, at some level, anyone who works with the fetish.

hello sir , i want to buy your book “35 castration fantasy” but i am from China and i cannot use the amazons services. so could you please provide me another way to buy the book? thanks!

sorry but i don’t have any friends outside. could you please send the e-book to my email? i can pay you by other way. sorry about my poor English.🥺

It’s strange that the triptychs aren’t in a logical order. I wonder if the ugly dark penis featured last is Japanese, as they are famous for having small willies.

Els makes a really good job.
I hope she will make all of us happy, women, men with or without castration fantasies ans eunuchs. 😃

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