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“Cries and Whimpers”

A story about a handyman/janitor that works part time for the Gender Affirmation Medicine (GAM) clinic. All female staff, of course.

The patients are all meek, submissive men and are always brought to the clinic by strong, domineering women. He is naïve at first but eventually realizes what the procedure the lady surgeon performs consists in.

He sits in the bathroom that shares a wall and a ventilation vent with the lady surgeon’s exam room. He can hear everything. Obviously the procedure is very intense judging from the cries and whimpers given out by the male patients. He finds all this to be quite arousing and he gives in to the temptation to masturbate. He is embarrassed when he comes out of the bathroom because of his obvious post-ejaculation appearance. Subsequently, the staff notice that he has developed the habit of always choosing to go to the bathroom a few minutes after a patient is ushered into the surgeon’s exam room.

At home in his lonely apartment he finds himself fantasizing and masturbating thinking about being one of the surgeon’s patients.

One day as he is leaving the receptionist tells him the surgeon wants to speak with him… Turns out there is a hidden video camera in the bathroom. The lady surgeon tells him that she thinks he could benefit from her treatment and offers him a special discount, totally free.

He blushes fiery red and splutters and chokes as he disrobes while the surgeon watches with an almost gloating, malicious glee. Soon, the other members of the staff are treated to his cries and whimpers.

[ I should rework this to clarify that the cries and whimpers are only psychological and not physical since humane local anesthetics are used. The surgeon provokes these pathetic sounds by verbally teasing and goading her helpless subject during the procedure. Am not planning on putting more work into this, however. ]

[ Needs work to narrow the gender affirming surgeries to just castration. Maybe change the name to Neuter Affirming Medicine or Eunuch Affirming Medicine? ]

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Fantastic premise, it will make a great story. As. Devoted reader of your 35 fantasies book, I have never come across anyone who writes about this fetish as well as you.

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